Multimedia Storytelling Company TooFar Media Launches 11th Novel, Beneath Caaqi’s Wings By Rich Shapero

With its wholly original fusion of fiction, art, animation, music and video, TooFar Media continues to pioneer immersive, next-generation storytelling

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TooFar Media, the award-winning multimedia storytelling company, today announced the launch of its newest novel, Beneath Caaqi’s Wings, by acclaimed author Rich Shapero. Set in a lush primeval jungle, the story follows a band of teenagers forced to fend for themselves after a devastating fire leaves them without adult supervision or access to the civilized world they knew. Shapero imagines with unflinching vision the tribulations and triumphs of an adolescent society forced to build a new social order—testing the limits of power, lurching toward adulthood and struggling to survive.

Beneath Caaqi’s Wings is the 11th novel from TooFar Media, founded over 20 years ago by Rich Shapero. The multimedia version features striking original paintings by New Zealand artist Dean Buchanan, deftly animated by Tomas Cottle.

The reviews speak for themselves:

US Review of Books says: “Fans of Lord of the Flies and Yellowjackets, with their familiar themes of children left stranded to survive without adult guidance, will enjoy Shapero’s novel. He keeps the tension high with multilayered emotional and physical conflicts. His lyrical prose and exotic setting instill a powerful magnetic aura.

“Reader Views” from Goodreads says: “Rich Shapero gives readers a new vision of the hardships and threats that face a society with no adults for guidance, and he does it with amazing imagery. His story shows that there are dark urges in each of us that we must carry and learn how to deal with in order to survive. An extraordinary story.

TooFar Media’s provocative stories, also available in traditional hardcover, are committed to inspiring an imaginative future, exploring topics like transgression, altered consciousness, spirituality and human desire. Since its founding, millions have experienced TooFar Media’s immersive storytelling experiences in app and in print.

“We’re committed to publishing creative content that delves beneath the surface in pursuit of deeper ideas, unfolding views of reality that are surprising, fresh and true,” says Rajiv Parikh, President of TooFar Media. “Beneath Caaqi’s Wings sheds light on hidden radical truths, hard won through extreme circumstances and cataclysm. We’re committed to inspiring an imaginative world without restriction, and we’re proud to offer this provocative story both in hardcover and as a multimedia experience in the TooFar Media app.”

The news comes after the company was awarded three 2023 MUSE Awards for outstanding app development and design. The TooFar Media app received honors across the Entertainment, Mobile App and E-Book categories.

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TooFar Media is an award-winning multimedia production company that creates immersive storytelling experiences combining book, music, art, animation and video. Founded over 20 years ago by author, musician, composer and producer Rich Shapero, the company collaborates with renowned artists from around the globe, including Grammy awardwinning musicians and producers, mind-blowing visual artists and talented animators.

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