Mother’s Day All-Year Round: Author Donates 400 Autographed Children’s Books

One Family Takes Community Service into Its Own Hands by Honoring Mothers in Need 

NEW YORK, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author of Award-winning Children’s Book donates 400 autographed books to families in need, letting each of her children give to their chosen cause. A refreshing message of service and heroism in today’s self-care obsessed society.

"I intend to give at least a book-a-day away this year to mothers and families in need. Handing over the reins to my four children and allowing them to choose the recipients of the books is a truly empowering act for our family," said Leslie Dolsak, author of My Important Girl.  "This generation of children really needs to look beyond themselves and engage in service. A generous spirit is beautiful. Our culture is so self-focused it’s causing a great depression in our youth."

Across America public high schools have cut down or eliminated community service requirements to receive a diploma. Even prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all states were experiencing a significant decline in the percentage of Americans who volunteer and give annually, according to a 12-year study from the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy Do Good Institute. The study cites direct and indirect benefits of service: strengthening communities and helping volunteers themselves, mentally and spiritually.

Each child will hand deliver 100 books to their cause, totaling 400 children’s books in 2022. The charities were researched and narrowed down to a short list of charities, then each child selected their cause. "Giving makes me happy. This is a sweet book kids should read," said son Jack, age 10. His brother, Roman, age 7 echoed that sentiment. "It feels good to give. I think other kids my age should be able to read the book even if they can’t buy it."

My Important Girl spotlights the many roles a mother has, no matter how mundane or minor. From cook to historian to teacher to cheerleader, mothers have been the backbone of children’s lives during this public health crisis and continue to be the success of the family structure.

On this Mother’s Day there is no better time to celebrate mothers than now. A signed copy of My Important Girl can be purchased directly in the 6000 Sunsets shop.  

SOURCE Leslie Yeransian-Dolsak