Michio Kaku Wrong? A Theory of Everything Is Impossible?

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In his book IS ETERNITY ALREADY HERE author Christian Howard points out two killers for a Theory of Everything. The undeniable facts are first that nothing inside the universe can create itself and second, the human brain can only observe what has already happened.  Water did not create water and Einstein did not discover e=mc2. All material possibilities and causes for everything existed before the universe and physics began, and Einstein was just the funnel to download a pre-existing formula waiting to be found.         

Before you think this book is some kind of scientific paper, let me assure you it is not. It is an autobiography, the author’s life-journeys to find answers to humanity’s deepest questions of existence – what are we, where do we come from, and why is human life necessary anyway? But unlike a professor in a university, the author brings the perspective of an eclectic life to his search.  He reached the superconscious from decades of meditation then became a hypnotherapist to learn about the subconscious. He is a business owner, marketing professional, musician and composer, linguist, inventor, poet and private pilot. He loves physics, restores classic cars, and has had countless personal paranormal experiences.  

Through normal and paranormal, science and philosophy the author takes us on many journeys to find what existed before the Big Bang. He wanted to know where the human brain consciousness came from that is required to experience a physical universe. What was it that wanted water to be wet, give it the ability to freeze, and wanted ‘e’ to equal ‘mc2’? These questions showed him why there can’t be a TOE. Just like water, all ‘things’ that are effects of prior causes cannot suddenly swap sides and become the causes of their own existence. The universe is a physical ‘thing’ so like everything else its causes have to be pre – physical as well. He says the problem for scientists in their search is they continue to use the language of mathematics which exactly keeps them blind to causes and caged inside this universe of ‘things’.   

The author needed a language outside physics to communicate in the dimension of causes. He found it in examining the experiences of three people who died and were resurrected under medically supervised conditions in our time – Dr. Eben Alexander, Dr. Mary Neal and business owner Anita Moorjani. Their reports show they went to a non-physical dimension where they maintained self awareness, were miraculously healed of what killed them and brought back to life by an energy that demonstrated it controls physics as well as the human life force. Non-physical energies transformed their bodies and sent them back to the physical world. Their experiences clearly demonstrate what exists outside the physical universe – consciousness. This is why there cannot be a TOE – because consciousness functions independent of the universe and is not a ‘thing’ that can be included in a formula.        

His specific purpose is to show our spiritual relativity, bring together evidence that shows humans are trans-dimensional beings and we and everything are family with the same parent. The effect he hopes the book will have is shown by how he ends it – with lyrics from the Burt Bacharach – Hal David song  "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of…"

You will want to read this book because as the Star Trek TV series claimed in its title, it will definitely take you ‘where no man has gone before.’

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