Michael Palser Publishes Innovative Economic Tool Designed to Generate Billions in Financial Assistance From Spare Change: 'The American Stimulus Program: Empowering Citizens to Create Economic Stimulus Every Week'

LAS VEGAS, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Michael Palser announced the publication of his new book outlining a specific program for a targeted, weekly stimulus to help bolster the U.S. economy and repair major state deficits created by the Covid-19 pandemic. “The American Stimulus Program” (ASP) proposes the voluntarily pooling of disposable income from the American public before redistributing those funds through fair, nonpartisan weekly national drawings organized state by state. But rather than distributing millions to just one lucky winner, like traditional lotteries, the ASP delivers single weekly payments of $1000 to many winners; thereby allowing hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens to benefit each week. The detailed program is covered in Palser’s book, available through Amazon and other leading vendors.

From “The American Stimulus”: A Big Idea Financed by Spare Change

“Thus far, all three of the stimulus packages that the Federal government has distributed to U.S. citizens has been achieved by draining collected tax dollars, manipulating interest rates, or by simply printing money,” said Palser. “The Federal stimulus packages have also been scattershot and not directed with any true accuracy to the people who actually need it. The American Stimulus Program only rewards those who participate in it. This major economic tool stimulates our economy’s most vital component: consumer spending, in an unbiased, nonpartisan way that is wholly unique across the globe.”

“The ASP has only three functions. First, it distributes cash prizes every seven days that match our national median weekly earnings … Secondly, the ASP will help to replenish our state and local tax bases. Covid-19 has created huge deficits in each state. To put it nicely, our state governments are, for the most part, broke … And finally, the ASP can provide tax revenue for the Federal Government. They have put forth many programs and tax dollars to keep our country afloat … The ASP will allow Americans to effectively participate in a program to impede and discourage new taxes….”

“The ASP allows us to invest in ourselves to help ourselves, by taking some of our spare change to strengthen our economy. We can pool these funds and redistribute them, keeping consumer spending healthy and consistent. It can be done as effortlessly as downloading a computer app to our smartphones or streaming devices. The ASP should inspire legislators to construct a national online infrastructure to help support citizens and our economy.

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