Memoir Release Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Evacuation of the Crimea

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — November 13, 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Evacuation of the Crimea during the Russian Civil War. The White Russian army evacuated the Crimean Peninsula, their last stronghold on the Southern Front, bringing an end to fighting there. Nearly 150,000 refugees fled on 126 ships, traveling to camps in Turkey and Greece before dispersing around the world.

Tania Romanov’s family was part of that historic evacuation, making a harrowing escape on the last boat to depart Evpatoria. Romanov describes her family’s ordeal—as well as what led up to it, and what ensued—in her gripping new memoir, One Hundred Years of Exile: A Romanov’s Search for Her Father’s Russia (Travelers’ Tales, 2020). Marina Romanov, grandniece of Tsar Nicholas II, called the book, “A vividly intense and personal saga,” remarking that, “It stirred such powerful emotions.”

A third-generation refugee on both sides of her family, One Hundred Years of Exile chronicles Romanov’s moving journey through 100 years of history to find peace with her father—ultimately braving the current political unrest in the Crimea to undertake a highly personal pilgrimage to the very spot where her family fled.

Tania’s story proves inseparable from Russia’s, featuring Cossacks who fled revolution, a family who survived Stalin, and a family of royal exiles, culminating in a meeting between princess and peasant.

“A gripping family account, historically rigorous and ultimately moving…
that couples cinematic drama with both tragedy and triumph.”
Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Tania Romanov Amochaev is the author of Mother Tongue: A Saga of Three Generations of Balkan Women and Never a Stranger, a collection of travel essays. Born in the former Yugoslavia, she fled and spent her childhood in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy, before immigrating to the United States. A graduate of San Francisco public schools, she went on to serve as CEO of three technology companies.


One Hundred Years of Exile is published by Travelers’ Tales and distributed by Publishers Group West, a division of Ingram.

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