Maryland Business Leader Launches New Book

David Carberry Provides a Fresh Perspective on an Age Old Activity: Networking

BALTIMORE, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — David Carberry, a seasoned entrepreneur, and the visionary behind, today announced the launch of his groundbreaking book, “Stop Networking, Start Needworking: The Intersection of Maslow’s Needs and Networking.” The book provides fresh perspective on networking by integrating fundamental human needs into the process. After he lost his father to Covid he writes and reflects on the struggles we must overcome, especially with the help of others.

Carberry, a fixture in Maryland business, brings his philosophy and over a decade of experience in business development and networking to the masses. David on his extensive background to present a revolutionary approach to building professional connections. He is the founder of, a rapidly growing online platform connecting professionals with meaningful business opportunities.

In “Stop Networking, Start Needworking,” Carberry addresses the challenges presented by the evolving landscape of social media and explores the complexities of relationship-building in the digital age. The book encourages readers to move beyond collecting superficial online connections and focus on creating meaningful, purpose-driven relationships.

Business leaders across the region are endorsing Carberry and his book.

Jamie Mann, President of PRS Guitars, commends Carberry for addressing the human element missing on other platforms. Mann appreciates the emphasis on building relationships with a genuine focus on helping each other achieve individual goals.

Seth Goldman, Founder of Honest Tea, Eat the Change, and Just Ice Tea, notes, “Many entrepreneurs worry that asking for help is a sign of weakness, but David Carberry shows how Needworking can be a strategy for empowerment.”

Mario Armstrong, NBC Contributor and 2X EMMY Award Winner, highlights the book’s emphasis on purpose-driven networking. He describes “Needworking” as a guide back to the essence of meaningful interactions, guiding readers to forge deeper, more purposeful connections in both business and personal growth.

“Stop Networking, Start Needworking: The Intersection of Maslow’s Needs and Networking” will be available on at major bookstores and online platforms.

About David Carberry:

David Carberry, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, is an accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful connections. With a rich background that includes roles at CBS, Time Warner, and, Carberry founded to revolutionize the way professionals connect with business opportunities.

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David Carberry