Mark Marinaccio Releases the First Book of His ‘Humans Gods and Hybrids Series’

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Strange Story Company has proudly announced today the launch of a thrilling new book by Mark L. Marinaccio. It is the first episode in a science-fiction novel series and the title of this book is ‘Humans, Gods, and Hybrids: Child 19’. Mark is a renowned American writer, producer, and paranormal podcaster, and he has been creating and producing television shows for the last twenty years about conspiracy theories, UFO tracking, ghost hunting, ancient mysteries, and other intriguing elements of the unexplained.

The book is now available in stock on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback editions, and it is getting a phenomenal response.

“This book is the first episode in a series of science fiction novels, and it has everything from aliens to federal agents and children with mysterious super powers being abducted,” said Mark L. Marinaccio, the author of ‘Humans, Gods and Hybrids: Child 19’, while talking about his book in a recent interview. “This is the first book in my ‘Humans, Gods and Hybrids’ series, and it basically challenges everything you thought you knew about first contact with an alien race.” He added..

“This book talks about many thought-provoking subjects such as Alien-Human Hybrids, First Contact, and much more that will captivate the readers’ attention.” Said one of the readers in their review, while talking about the book, “Mark is a familiar name in the paranormal fandom, which is why we are excited about the announcement of his book, and we look forward to the upcoming books in his new series,” she added. According to several readers, their favorite character in the book is Agent Kate Pierce, who is a member of the newly formed Reattachment and Protection Agency, and her job is to keep human – alien hybrid children safe.

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