Make Better Business and Personal Decisions by Feeding Your Moon

MONTCLAIR, N.J., May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Feed Your Moon author and astrotherapist Crystal B., also known as Crystal V. Bichalski, doesn’t practice astrology as we know it.

She uses it to help you make better personal and business decisions. Her approach uses the Moon, which is more than just an incredible celestial object in the night sky.

“It can influence the direction of our lives,” said Bichalski. Everyone knows about their Sun sign but not a lot of people know their Moon sign. Your Moon sign changes every 2.3 years and over 27 years, we experience every single sign of the zodiac.”

Wearing these different zodiacal skins has a direct bearing on our well-being and influences how we behave and react which is explained in her book, Feed Your Moon.

Bichalski learned astrology from her father. Her website receives more than 30 thousand visitors a month and she has clients in more than 32 countries. She has also been hired by Ivy league universities such as Harvard, Barnard-Columbia and Rutgers to help students learn more about themselves.

“The world is changing, and people want to understand themselves more than ever. Framing a person’s story under the lens of astrology is where the modern mindset is going. Today’s youth, especially, feels that astrology makes sense when everything else doesn’t,” said Bichalski.

Students use it as a tool of emotional awareness, self-understanding and discovery to help them create direction and a roadmap for their lives.

“When you’re a college kid, you’re so confused. Imagine if you had someone who could show you a reason why you are the way you are? That’s where I can help. Your astrology reveals where you’re meant to shine and how you should lean into,” said Bichalski.

During consultations, she puts together an astrological chart based upon the time and place of one’s birth. This is the map of their life. The chart doesn’t make any sense to anyone who doesn’t know what it is and it’s full of symbols. Her job is to decode it for them.

“I can tell so much about a person in just one session that would take a therapist many sessions because it’s all in front of me. I don’t need to dig into your past, and I can see it right there because the planets reveal it all to me,” said Bichalski.

She has helped students understand who they are which helped provide direction in their lives.

“A female student with a domineering dad wanted her to major in an area that she really wasn’t interested in learning. Even though she never told me this, it was apparent in her astrology. I gave her the tools to build confidence so she could tell her father what she really wanted to do and take the major she was interested in learning,” said Bichalski.

Bichalski explains the mechanics of how it all works in Feed Your Moon: Predictive and Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time. The book is about self-discovery. It helps you understand your evolving needs, gain perspective and explains how to use planetary influences to your advantage.

One of the most important themes of the book is how we are constantly evolving and changing the zodiacal skins we’re in. No matter what your sun sign or other planetary constants, everyone has a chance to experience each zodiac sign once, twice, or even possibly three times throughout their lives.

It’s broken down into three phases for easier reading.

Phase One

Chapter 1: Meet the Progressed Moon, a tool for mindful prediction

Chapter 2: Mindfully Decode Your Astrological DNA

Chapter 3: Feeding Your Moon, the Origin of Emotional Satisfaction

Phase Two

Chapter 4: Predicting Your Changing Phases and Skins Using the Progressions of the Moon

Chapter 5: What Skin Are You In? Understanding the 12 Progressed Moon Signs

Phase Three

Chapter 6: Astrology Houses & How to Use Them Through Progressed Moon Phases

Chapter 7: Relationships, Attraction Factors and the Progressed Moon

Chapter 8: Magic 29 and The Opportunity of Transition

“Despite being an indie author, my book is being sold at Barnes & Noble stores all over the east coast, including New York City. It’s also available online at Barnes and Noble and other retailers,” said Bichalski.

Bichalski is also a public speaker, writer, teacher and coach. She is passionate about using astrology as a tool for spirituality, mental health and mindfulness.

For further information or to schedule an interview, contact Crystal Bichalski at (646) 456-8538 or


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