Lord Of The Wills, If One Holds The Worlds Knowledge, Then One Can Shape It's Reality

PORT PERRY, ON, May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — M. Sheehan’s SkyView, Lord of the wills, is a thrilling reality-bending story with a truly unique perspective on history and time. SkyView draws readers into a seven-hundred-year struggle between the Pillars of good and evil. Eight family lines are on a quest to discover and control the centuries-old accumulation of wealth. William Ward, the twenty-first-century heir to this wealth, abandons his safe, secure life and launches himself into a new reality where he’s swallowed into a new truth. The Cradle, which is the commonly accepted view of reality, has been manipulated and shaped into something. Along with other century heirs, William is desperate to learn the truth and journeys to read their long-dead relatives’ wills. The wills are filled with the major events through time, house, ominous clues, deals with the devil, evil twin myths, enslaved souls, ideas as weapons, transactions that unlock minds, and secret keys.

“Comprehensively thought out… A wealth of intriguing ideas…
Tolkien-like diligence to family lines… An ambitious sci-fi mystery…”
Kirkus Reviews

M. Sheehan’s SkyView, produced by FriesenPress, is available for order from most major online book retailers, including the FriesenPress Bookstore and Amazon. The eBook is available for Amazon Kindle, iTunes Bookstore, Chapters/Indigo Kobo, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and GooglePlay.

Murray Sheehan loves to tell a good story. In his first book, SkyView: Lord of the Wills, he displays his storytelling abilities with creativity and flair.

Murray is married to Jennifer and has two children, Colten and Landen. He lives in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada.

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Phone – 416-333-6012
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Publication Date – August 20, 2020

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