LMBPN® International FZC Announces Appointment of Judith Anderle as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer

SHARJAH, UAE, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LMBPN® International FZC announced Judith Anderle as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. With more than 20 years of experience as a global marketing and business strategy executive, Judith will lead the company’s path towards global expansion and reach.

Judith has proven experience in strategic development and plan execution of multi-billion drug and medical device products. She gained indie publishing experience as Chief Commercial Officer of LMBPN Publishing, where she led in establishing the LMBPN brand as a force in indie publishing.

According to Michael Anderle, the Chief Executive Officer of LMBPN Publishing, "LMBPN International FZC will focus on all publications of books translated from English to other languages. It will publish original books written in languages other than English as well. In establishing the company, our first step was to choose a proven executive leader who could take on the challenge of quickly ramping up and extending the LMBPN brand in the global community. Judith’s extensive international education and global experience make her the perfect individual to take on this task."

When asked about her plans for the company, Judith stated she wants to establish a strong, deep bench of like-minded leaders to expand the company’s readership to various languages.

"Working and interacting with individuals from various cultures and languages has always been a personal passion of mine," Judith added, "At LMBPN International FZC, we will publish an impressive roster of authors who seek a forward-thinking indie publisher to get their native language and translated books to readers around the world."

She further highlighted that the company will be making multiple announcements "highlighting new acquisition of partnerships, digital presence and global engagement."

LMBPN® Publishing  LMBPN Publishing was founded in 2015 to support authors and the indie community and publish stories readers enjoy. The company strives to establish its brand in multiple markets, achieve financial success, and be socially responsible. A loyal global fan base consistently propels LMBPN’s books into Amazon.com, Inc.’s top ranks, and its digital catalog includes over a thousand titles, many of which are among the thousand bestselling books on Amazon.com. Over two hundred titles are available on Audible.com* through LMBPN Audio, and more than four hundred titles have been licensed for audio through partners including Blackstone Publishing*, Dreamscape Media*, Graphic Audio*, Recorded Books*, Tantor Media*, and Podium Audio*. For more information about the company, visit http://LMBPN.com or contact

LMBPN® International FZC — Founded in 2021, LMBPN® International FZC is the sister company of LMBPN Publishing. It is incorporated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, and headquartered at Business Center, Sharjah, Publishing City Free Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
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