Learn ‘The ABC’s of Business’ With Canine Entrepreneurs – Business Educator Dr. David Veen Releases Book Teaching Business Basics to Younger Readers

SALT LAKE CITY, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. David Veen announced the release of his first juvenile fiction title “The ABC’s of Business” aimed at introducing younger children to the broader concepts of running a successful business. Led by canine guide, Ben, and the wisdom of CEO Ms. Jenny, children take a tour of a very special doghouse manufacturing plant, learning important business terms and concepts along the way. The story introduces and integrates fundamental business ideas without being overwhelming and is intended as a read-aloud experience suitable for the whole family. “The ABC’s of Business” is available for purchase via BookBaby.

With a doctorate in Business Administration, Dr. Veen has been a leader for over 15 years while also teaching various business fundamentals courses at his local university. He conceived of the book as a way to share specific lessons with his own seven-year-old son, illuminating broader concepts that will later help a child navigate through a business-driven, financially-based society. The book opens the door for larger family discussions, hopefully facilitating communication and understanding around how companies operate.

In “The ABC’s of Business,” children and parents will discover:

  • The fundamentals of business and basic financial responsibility.
  • Business words in action: decision making, goal setting, budgets.
  • The basics of starting a company, and learning how doghouses are built.

“I’m hoping my book allows parents the opportunity to share their own job and business stories with their children,” said Dr. Veen. “These are concepts that should be available to anyone, regardless of age, and these discussions about jobs, money, bills, and other important ideas are useful. I think we often see these ideas as too advanced for kids, or something they should learn later, perhaps in high school. But children are far smarter than we give them credit for, and from a very early age they understand that their parents spend a significant amount of time at ‘work’ every single day, to ‘earn money.’ But many kids don’t have a real understanding of why their parents do that. So that’s why I created a happy, fun adventure that explains the business world and at the same time, allows children to get excited about learning something new. Learning never stops, and we can always take a moment to learn something new.”

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