Leading Psychologist’s New Book Tells How to Grow a Stronger Marriage by Cultivating a ‘We Attitude’

CHICAGO, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The longer couples are married, the more challenges they are likely to face with illnesses, job changes, parenting, finances and other pressures providing stresses that can test the relationship’s mettle. In her new book, Growing Married: Creating Stories for a Lifetime of Love, well-known psychologist Karen Skerrett, Ph.D., pulls together cutting-edge thinking, research, and practical strategies to offer couples the keys to marriages that flourish despite inevitable adversities.

She writes in the book’s introduction, "Every decade and big life event changes us, and our sense of identity is co-created with our partners as we navigate these changes. The more we think about our lives in full and about our stories, past and present, the more we will be able to shape a future we want for ourselves and our relationships. Applying this power of intention, we can choose to pay attention to what matters most in the grand scheme of life. When we shift our focus from merely feeling satisfied in our relationship to feeling a sense of meaning and purpose, our chances of having longer partnerships increase significantly."

In an interview, Skerrett can answer such questions as:

  • Why is storytelling so important for couples and whom should they share their stories with?
  • What is a "we attitude" and how can couples create one?
  • How can an understanding of adult development help our relationships flourish?
  • What is the difference between getting married and growing married?
  • What was the Couples Story Project?

Praise for Growing Married

"Karen Skerrett gives us an empowering vision of what a good marriage is and can be. Brimming with clinical examples and based on the findings of her impressive research, Growing Married is a wise book and a valuable guide for couples at every stage of the life cycle." Daphne de Marneffe, Ph.D., author of The Rough Patch and Maternal Desire 

"The importance of a healthy, loving, confirming relationship for all facets of our health has now been established. But how to have one? Skerrett’s book is a beautifully written answer." Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D., psychologist and author, associate clinical professor of psychology, Harvard Medical School

"Karen Skerrett has written a wonderful book, full of the wisdom she has gained in more than 40 years of working with couples and researching their life stories. One of the most practical self-help books in the field of marriage enrichment." Arthur Nielsen, M.D., author of A Roadmap for Couple Therapy and associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine

"Imagine that you could have someone with scientific expertise, rich life experience, and boundless compassion provide you with guidance to improve your relationship. Karen Skerrett is that person. A must for couples, therapists, and anyone interested in the ingredients that go into successful relationships." — Jefferson A. Singer, Ph.D., Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology, Connecticut College

About the Author
Karen Skerrett, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and registered nurse with over 40 years of experience as a clinician, academic, and author who specializes in strength-based approaches to healing and change across the lifecycle. She is the co-author of Positive Couple Therapy, co-editor of Couple Resilience, and author of Tell Me Again How I Know You? She received her doctorate in comparative human development from the University of Chicago and has been on the faculties of many universities.

Contact: Karen Skerrett, Ph.D., (630) 292-4108 (cell); (708) 579.5911 (office);
; http://karenskerrettphd.com

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