Landmark Publishing Is Looking for New Authors Who Want to Publish Their Book in the Worldwide Market with a Unique Story That Could Become the Next Best Film

MIAMI, Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Landmark Publishing is an American Publishing Company. Their books are sold in over 68 countries around the world. Landmark Publishing is looking for new stories such as drama, novels, fiction and non-fiction & spiritual.

Landmark latest published books; The Dyson Sphere & Walking by Faith. Landmark also publishes English & Spanish. If you have a story to be told, you want to transform your story into a book, become a published author or maybe one day your written story could become a best seller movie, contact us.

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From one of our Authors:

Raymond Bernard, Author of The Dyson Sphere.

Publishing my book with Landmark Publishing was a dream come true. But I did not know where to start. All I knew I was ready to put my story, my dream, out there. Mr. Tonny Roberts the publisher, guided me step by step. I dreamt for years to become a world class author and Landmark Publishing made it possible. And when I held my book in my hands for the very first time, no words can describe that feeling. Now I’m living and enjoying my reality. I never imagined my story going public in a such a big way. Radio & TV stations interviews was just the beginning. And the messages I have received from people, telling me how much they have enjoyed my science fiction story. And even asking me about my next book. Publishing my book has changed my life for better. I honestly cannot wait to begin working on my second book. And who knows, my book could be the next blockbuster Movie. Thank you, Landmark Publishing. And please continue making peoples dream, or should I say, words become a reality.

Landmark Publishing Making Dreams come true.

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