Kirsten Blakemore Releases New Book on International Women’s Day Empowering Women in Business and Life

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kirsten Blakemore, the author of "Unleash Your Power," proudly announces the release of her new book on March 8, 2022, in celebration of International Women’s Day. This is a book to empower women across the globe and help them step into their purpose and achieve their goals.

Kirsten Blakemore has worked with hundreds of businesses and the women employed within them. It is from this unique perspective that Kirsten has written her latest book, Unleash Your Power. Written for every woman, this book is fueled by the stories and experiences Kirsten has heard from those women on the front line of business. This book is intended to give individual women access to a broad view of women’s challenges in the workplace and in life — together with the proven keys to overcome those challenges. Unleash Your Power is a real-world guide to succeeding today. Based on heartfelt truths and achievable strategies, this is an inspiring handbook for women who want to succeed in 2022 and beyond.

"After my 25-year unhealthy marriage ended and working for a company that discriminated against women, I realized it was time to unleash my power and build the life I always wanted because I deserve it! The purpose of Unleash Your Power is to serve as a platform for other women to accept and honor themselves, to be unafraid to not only create their dreams but live them," said Blakemore.

This book also emphasizes some of the gender challenges women face in business and how women diminish their value to make others feel better about themselves. It provides best practices and everyday tools to deepen awareness, self-acceptance, flourish, and achieve those dreams we never thought possible.

Kirsten spends more than 80-100 hours per month coaching leaders. Her work and experiences coming out of a career challenged with homogenous leadership resonated with so many women that she was inspired to write and let other women facing similar challenges know that they are not alone. By reading Blakemore’s inspirational insights and answering the searching questions she asks, readers will begin to recognize themselves in what is written and learn how to unleash their own power.

The book is available on Amazon, just click the link below.


Kirsten Blakemore is a success coach, author, speaker, and massive equity champion, a force of inspiration, and an advocate for personal empowerment. She uses the book as a platform to speak to women globally and inspire positive change.

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