Kenneth L Holmes, Author of New Book “Keep Your eye on the Prize” Reveals NINE TIMES he Escaped Death

SAINT CLOUD, Fla., Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Keep Your Eye on The Prize (Creative Classics Publications US) shares one man’s journey of belief that perseverance can conquer all obstacles with the help of God, even racism.  Keep Your Eye on The Prize tells the story of how Kenneth Holmes persevered through racism, segregation, discrimination, severe adversity at home and a few self-inflicted blunders. 

In an interview with Brightside Global Trade TV on December 9th, 2021, Ken wows his audience revealing the NINE TIMES he escaped death. Elton Brewington, founder and CEO of Brightside Global Trade TV says, "Ken’s book is a must read.  It’s not only about his success, but also an example of the power of God."

Ken’s father, fled the Jim Crow south in the mid 1930’s.  He would marry in a mid-sized segregated northern town and start his family.  Later, he moved his family to a rural, all white town. With racism and inequities of opportunities yet in their path, Ken and his sibling’s lifestyles spoke of their success.  His father stressed "surround yourself with people who can do you some good" Ken In 1978 befriended Ms. Jean Burgdorff, founder and CEO of Burgdorff Realtors, a multi-billion-dollar company and author of the book entitled "It’s Not About the Money" She was instrumental in the start of Ken’s financial success. Ken, without contact with her since 1978, Sadly, she died in 2019.  In 2021, Ken connected and befriended Ms. Burgdorff’s Significant Partner, Ms. Barbara Keller who is currently owner of Space Coast Realty and Investments, LLC and Showcase Property Management located in Brevard County Florida.  Ms. Keller says, "Jean would be very pleased with all you have accomplished but even more, with who you are and what you have done to help so many people."

Keep Your Eye on The Prize is about today’s pressing matters of society and not the Facebook-brushed fairytale some people want to believe to stay secluded from today’s issues in many headlines.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize
By Kenneth L Holmes
Published by Creative Classics Publications US
Publication date October 1, 2021
153 pages and includes photographs
Hardcover, $25.76
Paperback $12.95
eBook $9.95
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