Keith Ablow, Founder of, Launches the Pain-2-Power Podcast

BOSTON, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Keith Ablow, founder of the personal empowerment and leadership platform Pain-2-Power, has launched a weekly podcast—the Pain-2-Power Podcast.  During the podcast Dr. Ablow will address topics in the news, as well as topics related to psychological empowerment.  The content is designed to lead people to live with courage and independence and to reject the forces in our culture meant to depersonalize, disempower and effectively cancel them.

“We’re surrounded by big tech looking to monetize us by turning us into our data, then pigeonholing us into this camp or that camp—pithing us and leaving us brainless and then pitting us one against the other,” Dr. Ablow said.  “We’re facing political correctness that seeks to deprive us first of our voices and then of our thoughts.  We’re dealing with cancel culture that threatens to banish anyone who missteps, according to the thought police.  Pain-2-Power is one antidote.  It’s going to be an ongoing series of reminders to never cave in to the status quo, to be your original SELF and to act with courage.”

Dr. Ablow has long been a critic of social media and other technology forces that he says are the most dangerous and addictive drug ever introduced to humanity.  “I’m going to use social media and everything else I can to distribute the Pain-2-Power podcast as an antidote.  I want to turn the tables on this mind-numbing big tech, Big Brother attack on freedom and use their delivery systems to deliver what I call re-MIND-ers that people need to have their own opinions, have the right to parent their own children, have the right to choose to have their kids not brainwashed into submitting to insane ideas promulgated by the far Left in this country—while there still is a country.”

The Pain-2-Power Podcast will eventually invite select guests to join Dr. Ablow.  “They don’t all have to agree with me,” Ablow said.  “In fact, that’s the point.  For now, we still have some freedom of speech in this nation.  I intend to say exactly what I think, and I hope when I begin including guests on the show, so will they.”

Dr. Ablow has faced his own battles in the press, along with forces trying to cancel him.  “I know what that’s like,” he said.  “I am not going anywhere, and neither should anyone else who believes in redemption, restoration, personal rights and freedom of religion.  I always say, ‘Your story matters.’  It really does.  People need to know that they must not allow themselves to be dissolved into an amorphous amoeba-like nothingness by the far Left.  No one should make any mistake: that part of the political world is after your mind.  Well, I mean for you to keep it and strengthen it.  The Pain-2-Power podcast is like immunotherapy directed against the diseased society around us that wants to infect you and dissolve your autonomy.”

Dr. Keith Ablow is a New York Times bestselling author of self-help and true crime books, a USA Today bestselling writer of six novels, a former Washington Post and New York Times columnist, the former host of the nationally-syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show, the former national psychology/psychiatry commentator for the Fox News Network and now a frequent guest on Newsmax TV.  He has appeared over 1,000 times on national television, including on The Today Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, and multiple times on Oprah. 

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