Jason Provost, Co-Author’s New Book, ‘Retire Like A Shark” to Help Federal Retirees Reduce Taxes and Avoid Financial Pitfalls

OAK BROOK, Ill., Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Many hard-working Federal employees are heading into retirement with less confidence and more questions than ever before. The national and global uncertainty is causing fear and confusion for retirees and those contemplating retirement.

According to CNBC, "Although $1 million is the oft-cited amount needed to retire comfortably, it might not be enough. ‘On average, a $1 million retirement nest egg will last 19 years,’ according to a 2019 report from personal finance site GOBankingRates. And depending on where you live, retirees could blow through $1 million in as little as a decade."

USA Today reports, "Only 13% of Americans with at least $1 million of investable assets feel wealthy… The fear of running out of money in retirement and their reliance on their own savings – rather than Social Security and employer-funded pensions during their golden years – make it harder for even well-positioned Americans to feel financially wealthy…"

"There are no one-size-fits-all answers to retire in today’s world. Federal employees who have worked hard and saved to secure a financial future for themselves and their loved ones have often sacrificed time away from those very people to achieve it. Retirement is the reward for that hard work and financial diligence. I help Federal physicians, nurses, law enforcement professionals and other Federal employees retire with joy and confidence and pass on a lasting legacy" said Jason Provost, CFP®, financial educator, author, speaker and financial planner.

That’s the idea behind the newest book, "Retire Like A Shark," from Kevin Harrington and Scott Keffer.

"Kevin and I have assembled a cast of wealth, financial, investment and business advisors from across North America to write a chapter on the keys to retire with confidence, security, and joy," said Scott Keffer.

"To co-author a book with original Shark, Kevin Harrington, is a huge privilege. The successful entrepreneurs on Shark Tank know how to create and sustain wealth. I’m excited to share some financial and retirement wisdom that I’ve learned from helping successful people preserve, protect and pass on their hard-earned wealth since 2001," said Provost. 

Readers will discover tax, financial, and investment keys, methods, and tips, along with an opportunity for additional retirement resources, from over 30 leading authorities.

Besides gaining fame on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington is the creator of the As Seen on TV brand, a co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization. His behind-the-scenes work in business ventures has produced well over $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making dozens of millionaires. Twenty of his companies have each topped $100 million in revenue.

The book is scheduled to arrive on bookstore shelves in the first quarter of 2022.

About Jason Provost, CFP®
Jason D. Provost, CFP® is a recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker and Financial Planner. As Founder and CEO of Provost Financial Services, Jason and his team have been helping successful Federal physicians, nurses, law enforcement professionals and other Federal employees maximize their benefits and preserve, protect, and pass on their hard-earned wealth since 2001. "The Provost Concierge Commitment means each and every client receives a tailor-made, integrated retirement plan and hands-on, individualized attention for the journey together." When he’s not helping clients, Jason loves spending time with his wife, Erin, and their two boys and cycling on and off-road.

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