Jabez Books Writer’s Agency Publishes Another Amazon’s Best Seller, “Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak”

PLANO, Texas, Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Just in time for Christmas, Jabez Books Writer’s Agency has released a new wealth-building resource tool, "Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak," for the faith-based community. In 24 hours after its release, the book was a best seller on Amazon in 3 categories: Under Hot New Releases (ebook), it was #1 in Christian Business and Professional Growth; and overall a best seller (ebook) — #1 in Christian Professional Growth, #3 in Christian Business and Professional Growth, and #10 in Personal Success in Business.

Jabez Books’ CEO and "Let The Kingdompreneurs Speak," visionary, Dr. Shirley K. Clark has compiled 18 diverse community and business leaders to share practical tips for Christians to be successful in the marketplace. With so many in the faith-based arena now embracing marketplace ministry and starting businesses, because of COVID-19, Dr. Clark, wanted to make sure the process was easy to eliminate unnecessary stress associated with starting a business.

From Success Coaches like Krystal Henry to Real Estate Investors like Stephannie Green, from Motivational Speakers like Tamika Blythers to Business Owners like Jennifer Allen, from Children Authors like Bre Smith to Life Coaches like Sonjia Mackey, from Marketplace Chamber Leaders like Tarsha Howard to Mental Wellness Advocates like Lynesa Williams, each of these contributors has shared experiences that will encourage those who are contemplating whether or not to start a business to move forward in doing so. Or give insight to those who might need a solution to a problem they are facing.

Featured authors include: Dr. Shirley K. Clark, Lynesa Williams, Krystal Henry, Bre Smith, Sonjia Mackey, Stephannie Green, Tamika Blythers, Deneen Whatley, Doris Joy Bruce, Dr. Annette West, Natasha Smith, Bonnie Peterson, Dr. Monique Rodgers, Tarsha Howard, Tina Mitchell, Angela Hendrix Bell, Jennifer Allen and LaTarsha Mack.

About Dr. Shirley K. Clark: Dr. Shirley K. Clark is an award-wining international best-selling author of over 40 books, Millionaire Brand Strategist, and the owner of Jabez Books Writer’s Agency. Throughout her 20 years of servicing the literary community, Dr. Clark’s Agency has empowered, published, branded, and promoted thousands of authors in their writing careers.

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