Introducing the New Children’s Book You Can Buy with Kindness

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate “Random Acts of Kindness Week” from February 12th – 19th, author H.D. Ronay is accepting random acts of kindness as payment for his new book “Magoo and His Magic Poo.”

During the week that inspires good deeds and selfless acts, the first 100 people to share their random act of kindness on Instagram and tag @MagooAndHisMagic while using the hashtag #MagooKindnessPayment will receive a free copy of the book about a superhero cat who uses his unique “gift” to rescue puppies from a puppy mill.

Written by Cannes Lions-winning Creative Director H.D. Ronay and illustrated by Clio award-winner Michael Harring, the creative team says the week aligns perfectly with Magoo’s mission. In the story, Magoo performs an act of kindness to help set free a group of puppies in need, and the hope is to inspire more actions in that same spirit.

According to Ronay, “This is a story about celebrating the gifts we’ve all been given, no matter how unusual they might be, and using them for good.”

About the book, Ronay says, “We wanted to create something with a timely message delivered in a package that would be hard to ignore, and even harder not to laugh along with. It’s definitely outrageous but also meaningful. And let’s face it: Poo is funny and kindness is cool.”

Harring adds, “Magoo is a rare character with an unlikely superpower. It’s why we chose black & white which is unusual to see today in a world saturated with color. And, we want this book to make you laugh but also to make you think about your own talents and ways to possibly put them to good use.”

An early review from Midwest Book Review calls the story “freshly unique from beginning to end … offering valuable discussion points on kindness and acceptance.”

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