Inspiring New Book Reveals the Korean Secret to Success, Happiness and Resilience

NEW YORK, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From the moment she stepped foot in South Korea, Barbara J. Zitwer, New York literary agent to some of the most celebrated, prize-winning Korean authors, fell head-over-heels in love.

This was before the world had discovered Squid Game or K-pop, before the Korean 10- Step skincare routine went viral on TikTok and Ginseng chicken soup became a wellness staple.  

Today Korea is the epitome of cool, and in her new book, The Korean Book of Happiness, Zitwer shares the secret to their extraordinary global and personal success, thanks to an enduring devotion to the ancient philosophies of Han, Heung and Jeong (resilience, joy and loyalty).

“I stepped into Korea by a quirk of fate. I was looking for new writers to represent,” explains Zitwer. “I had no idea Korea would become both my teacher and my future.”

Part memoir, part travel guide, follow Zitwer as she travels from the buzzing capital of Seoul to meeting Buddhist nuns in the mountains, from the traumatic history of the Demilitarized Zone to the tropical island of Jeju, home to the Haenyeo, the extraordinary octogenarian female divers.

Along the way she confesses to some cultural faux pas, shares her top travel tips, and explains how adopting the Korean way can enrich your life.

With South Korea now on everyone’s radar, Zitwer details:

  • Why the Confucian philosophies of Han, Heung and Jeong build resilience and happiness.
  • How Korean wellness practices have led South Korean women to the highest life expectancy in the world – 90.
  • The reason the world has fallen for Korean culture, from K-pop to K-drama, from Oscar winning movies to K-fashion.

The Korean Book of Happiness also includes recipes from Korea’s most renowned authors.

Published in the UK in March, and sold in 12 countries, The Korean Book of Happiness has been featured in UK media, including The Observer magazine, The Scotsman magazine and National Geographic Traveller. 

The Korean Book of Happiness will be on sale from May 2 on Amazon.  

About the Author

Barbara J. Zitwer is a New York based international literary agent specializing in Korean literature. She discovered Man Booker prize winning author Hang Kang (The Vegetarian) and New York Times bestseller Kyung-sook Shin (Please Look After Mom) along with Jeong You Jeong (The Good Son) and Un Su Kim (The Plotters).

For her efforts she was awarded the 2016 International Literary Agent of the Year Award by the British Publishing Association.

Zitwer graduated from Columbia University Film School, and prior to working in publishing, produced films including Vampire’s Kiss, starring Nicolas Cage. She lives in New York City with her husband and beloved dog Lexi.

For Media: Barbara J. Zitwer is available for interview. To receive a copy of the book and photographs:
Media Contact: Sharon Krum
Phone: 1 347 451 8147

SOURCE Barbara J. Zitwer Agency