In Celebration of Financial Literacy Month, CFP Patricia Stallworth Offers Webinars to Help Women Fill the Wealth Gap

IRVINE, Calif., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “When it comes to financial literacy, women are often forgotten,” according to Certified Financial Planner™ Patricia Stallworth – “Yet, we know the wealth gap is real.”

According to a 2017 report by Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, U.S. women own just .32 cents for every $1 a man owns, and that amount is even lower for Black and Latina women.1 While the gender pay gap is a primary source for the gap, there are also other contributing factors, including a lack of financial knowledge and overall awareness. Plus, we know from studies that women are less confident and feel less secure when it comes to their finances.2 The MoneyWise Woman is helping bridge these gaps with three targeted webinars for women in celebration of Financial Literacy Month in April 2023.

The MoneyWise Woman Webinars, which will be held at noon Pacific Time and 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Fridays from April 14 to April 28, focus on issues that keep women from taking control of their finances, including money myths and fears that can keep them stuck, and prevent or slow the process of wealth building. Each webinar will include a Q&A and a handout for later reference. There is no cost to attend; however, pre-registration is required. Register at

Patricia Stallworth, the MoneyWise Woman, is the author of the upcoming book, Become a Money Wise Woman in 6 Simple Steps (Even if You’re Not Good at Math), and the CEO of PS Worth, a boutique financial planning firm specializing in working with women. She has 20+ years’ experience in financial and business planning. Prior to starting her own firm, she worked in a management or advisory capacity with several firms, including Deloitte, American Express Financial Advisors, AXA Advisors.
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2 MetLife’s 17th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Study

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