Improve Zoom Meetings with Free Guide by Communication Confidence Expert Marjorie Saulson

DETROIT, April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Are you stressed out about communicating on Zoom?

Business leaders can become more magnetic on Zoom when they read “Zoom with Communication Confidence” by Communication Confidence Coach Marjorie Saulson.

“This brief guide helps business people up their game and come across as the experts they are,” said Saulson, named both Top Speaking Coach of the Year and Top Motivational Speaker of the Decade, by the International Association of Top Professionals.

“The problem with Zoom meetings is that they’re often boring and people end up suffering from Zoom fatigue; so how do you keep the attention of your listeners when conducting business on Zoom.”

“My mission is to empower you to discover and refine your unique and authentic voice, acquire compelling presentation skills that keep your audience engaged, and overcome your speaking nerves so that you can confidently communicate your gifts, and reach your income and professional goals,” she said.

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Saulson works with people who are nervous about networking, terrified of talking on the phone, and who feel like they communicate clumsily about their business.

“Speaking with confidence and ease is one of the top ways to boost your business success,” she said. “Expertly telling people what you do, building relationships through networking, and connecting with people on the phone are crucial. When nerves or fear keep you silent or ineffective, your results will suffer.”

The reverse is also true. Clients who work with Saulson:

  • Develop authentic and effective messages that resonate with their listeners,
  • Gain powerful presentation skills to enhance the impact of their messages,
  • Overcome their fears and confidently share their messages in any setting, and
  • Enjoy having their ideal clients clamoring to work with them right on the spot.

“You can get there. We’ll make it happen together,” she said. “Everyone has a story. The world needs to hear yours. Let your light shine.”


“I experienced severe anxiety about giving a speech. If someone asked me what I did, I would stumble over my words trying to define myself. Marjorie has helped me to feel so much more confident. I no longer sweat and worry that I will be called on to present. I can speak clearly and confidently about myself and about what I offer,” said Heidi McElvaine, Ascending Heights Enterprises.

About Marjorie Saulson

Communication Confidence Expert Marjorie Saulson is still going strong at 81 and intends to be the most fabulous 100-year-old babe you ever met!

Author of the #1 international bestselling book, Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You’re Talking with 1 Person or 1,000, she is also one of 50 women (including Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates) who are contributing authors to the book,  America’s Leading Ladies – Stories of Courage, Challenge, and Triumph.

For over 40 years Marjorie has coached reluctant speakers to create their unique and authentic messages, acquire engaging presentation skills, and overcome their fear of public speaking; so that they can communicate with confidence, reach their professional and income goals, and make the impact they desire to make in the world.

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