Hot-Off-the-Presses Book of Art and Poetry to Aid Humanity by Barbara Kendall Reed

MANCHESTER, Ga., July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Multi-media and multi-medium artist, Barbara Kendall Reed releases her new book, Messages from a Butterfly for Humanity. It is for sale as an e-book now on, and in the Apple Bookstore. It releases in print for purchase online at on June 27.

Messages from a Butterfly for Humanity is an artistic, global book about humanity and the possibilities that each person can explore to shift many of the current, societal challenges. The author shares her visions and possibilities for humankind through using her artistic skills in original art, poetry, illustrations, short narratives, and a butterfly name Sasha, whose name means, "helper of mankind." The butterfly symbol is reflected throughout the book in numerous creative ways to represent transformation.

Barbara is a graduate of Xavier University, in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she earned a BFA degree and studied under MacArthur genius award recipient, John T. Scott. Under Scott’s tutelage, she received training in most of the visual art forms. What she didn’t learn in school, she learned from life. Barbara started writing poems from the time she was given pen and paper. Barbara Kendall Reed, is known for saying, "I wear black, but make no mistake, I’m a very colorful soul!" Although she is a formally trained artist, she is known for sharing that her most important artistic skills and lessons expressed in her art have come from living a passionate and compassionate life with humankind.

In her most recent book, Barbara shares many relatable experiences and feelings that human beings encounter from love, fulfillment, fear, and whimsy, to apathy and then possible actions to transform what is to what is wanted for their lives and humankind. The butterfly, Sasha, observes human beings’ choices and actions and shares her thoughts on how she assesses humankind while providing some comparisons to that of the butterfly.

The book is filled with amazing art and illustrations and is beautifully laid out in a newspaper format with many engaging poems, and short stories about ordinary people making extraordinary contributions in the world. These examples let the reader know they can do the same using their skill sets and passions. The ultimate results of each story shared is the diversity and the connectivity of the human experiences being more similar than different. The more we embrace diversity, the more we minimize the divisiveness that feeds judgement and creates a hierarchy of human value.


Barbara has been a multi-media | multi-medium artist for over thirty years and is of Creole heritage, from New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to her strong background in interior decorating and the visual arts; she has written poems, segued into song lyrics and from there, created characters to sing the songs. She lives organically and surrenders to the creative process. In 2014, she authored, Life iZ Colorful, a book about lessons in life expressed through art and poetry. She is completing her first animation project for children where she wrote the music, lyrics, and created the character singing the inspirational song about many life possibilities for children. For Barbara, everything is a possibility!

Barbara resides in Manchester, Georgia.

For more information or to contact Barbara, go to her website, Email or call 404-202-9231.

Barbara Kendall Reed 

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