Holt Publishing Announces the Release of The Tree of Life, the Second Book in the Cup of Christ and the Forgotten Disciple Series by Jack Holt

NEW ALBANY, Ind., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Tree of Life a dual narrative mystery/thriller that continues about a forgotten disciple and a 12th-century baron and writer. Their dangerous adventures, though twelve hundred years apart, have many horrific similarities, The elusive fifth gospel parchments and diaphanous cup now guides Lord Robert de Borron to the mysterious land of Iberia. There Lord Robert is tempted by a beautiful, widowed princess from the royal Spanish court. Will guilt overcome his desire? Also, there he befriends a Templar chaplain, who is an erudite scholar, and has a dark secret of his own. Will a traitor in their midst delay Lord Roberts harrowing quest? An evil cardinal’s seneschal once thought dead, unexpectantly reappears. Does this ghost threaten Lord Robert’s family?

Joseph of Arimathea, from the 1st-century is released from three years of imprisonment after his nephew’s Roman crucifixtion. He is banished from his country of Palestine never to return. What holy cup and artifacts does he possess? He also carries a parchment written by him and prays his family is still alive. How will this parchment change peoples religious thinking for centuries to come? Before leaving Palestine, he is hidden by a good friend and former business associate. However, before departing, Joseph senses he is being stalked by and unknown assassin.

About The Author
Jack Holt can often be found researching "the forgotten people of history’s mysteries." He attended Purdue University and after 39 years retired from banking. Jack has co-authored several local history books and written numerous magazine articles. Last year he debuted his historical mystery/thriller, the Cup of Christ and the Forgotten Disciple. This was the beginning of his Cup of Christ series. Recently, he and his fellow history cohorts received a $10,000 grant from the Indiana History Society to start a mini museum. He and his wife have traveled extensively in the British Isles. Jack is a long-time chevalier and past prior of SMOTJ GP USA (Knights Templar). For numerous years he has been a member of the Sons of Union Veterans. Also, he is a forty-year member of the Sherlock Holmes Literary Society of London, England. He and his wife live in Indiana. His website is www.jackmholt.com. Jack’s blog discusses the forgotten people of history’s mysteries every week.

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