History Publishing Company Will Publish the FBI Insider Story on the Final Two Years of the Unabomber Search and Capture on April 3

PALISADES, N.Y., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áHistory Publishing Company will publish Capturing The Unabomber: The FBI Insiders Story. It is the story of the final two years of the lengthy Unabomber search and final capture on April 3, 1996. The storyline centers around the three FBI Agents who were assigned to lead the chase after sixteen years of Bureau frustration. Under the leadership of the Special Agent In Charge of the San Francisco office Jim Freeman and his use of the FBI’s counter-intelligence, Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber was captured in just two years. The Unabomber’s mindset is also brought to light creating the full story from both the FBI perspective and that of the fugitive.

SAC Jim Freeman, Terry Turchie brought in from FBI counter-intelligence, and Donald Max Noel the arresting agent, led the FBI’s search. As a sequel to their original book Unabomber: How the FBI Broke Its Own Rules to Capture the Terrorist Ted Kaczynski, the authors write of the final two year accelerated pursuit of Kaczynski with a fast- moving scenario of the chase by including thoughts of the pursued. The musings and planning of Kaczynski culled from his captured journal appear as a counterpoint to the story. It is a fast-moving non-fiction work designed by the authors to bring the reader into the chase.

“This book tells the complete story from both perspectives, that of the pursuing FBI and the pursued Kaczynski,” says publisher Don Bracken. “It has the readability of a novel and It is also a corrective to media misinterpretations. This is the definitive Unabomber story.”

Capturing the Unabomber will be published April 15, 2021, with 320 pages, index and illustrations. It will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at other book stores worldwide. Available through Ingram.

Don Bracken


SOURCE History Publishing Company LLC