Harvard-Trained Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard M. Westmark Publishes New Book, “My Back Hurts!: A Guide to Understanding What's Wrong and Choosing the Best Treatment”

HOUSTON, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Board certified, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Dr. Richard M. Westmark announces the release of his new book, My Back Hurts!: A Guide to Understanding What’s Wrong and Choosing the Best Treatment,” available for sale in paperback and e-book formats on May 5, 2021.

In this new 92-page book, Dr. Westmark uses everyday language to educate readers about back pain red flags” that may indicate the need for emergency medical attention. Nearly 90 million Americans experience different forms of back pain every year, often because they cannot afford or access proper medical care. Thats why I wrote this book– For less than the cost of a copay, Americans can read it and get an understanding of their treatment options,” said Dr. Westmark, who is a board certified neurosurgeon in Houston, TX.

Dr. Westmarks goal for this book is to provide readers with a science-based, affordable, and easy-to-access back pain guide. From testing, to treatments and prevention tactics, its all outlined in this book. Readers don’t need a medical background to understand and benefit from this book,” Dr. Westmark said.

Dr. Westmark’s new book is a noteworthy first-step in identifying and understanding ones back pain. Looking up symptoms online can be overwhelming— thats why I used straight-forward, everyday language throughout the book. I believe the FAQ in this book will be quite helpful to back pain sufferers ready to tackle their back health,” Dr. Westmark said.

What readers can learn from Dr. Westmark’s new guide:

  • “RED-FLAGS” indicating emergency attention is warranted
  • Back pain conditions and treatment options
  • The right questions patients can ask their doctor
  • Tactics for keeping out-of-pocket medical and testing expenses down
  • Medical terminology translated into everyday language

Available in paperback and e-book formats on MyBackHurtsBook.com, Amazon and Apple Books, My Back Hurts!: A Guide to Understanding What’s Wrong and Choosing the Best Treatment is available for sale worldwide. To learn more, please visit MyBackHurtsBook.com.


Dr. Richard M. Westmark is a board certified, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of spine disorders. To learn more about Dr. Westmark, visit MyBackHurtsBook.com.

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