Grandmother Creates Innovative New Potty-Training Kit to Help Toddlers Conquer the Toilet with a Special Teddy Bear Friend – ‘Potty Train with Pinky Bear®’

BAY MINETTE, Ala., Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Author Toni Roberts recently announced the official release of her innovative new potty-training system, “Potty Train with Pinky Bear” ( Tackling an age-old problem, Roberts created the Pinky Bear system when she discovered that her own young granddaughter was reluctant to use the toilet. Telling a captivating story about a happy bear that encourages children to find the fun in potty training adds a unique new dimension to the potty-training task. “Potty Train with Pinky Bear” comes complete with a plush, soft Pinky Bear teddy toy crafted with a patented belly-pouch to hold gifts and surprises for each new reader. View the explainer video, or check out the full Pinky Bear potty-training system on

“Pinky Bear was written and illustrated with a specific audience in mind: toddlers. The pictures are brightly colored and bold, with a simple but engaging story,” said author, Toni Roberts. “And the book and bear work together as a system. Parents sit down with their child for each read-through, and after you invite Pinky Bear to visit by writing Pinky Bear a short letter, toddlers will then start to look for Pinky Bear to show up. Pinky Bear has a great little belly pouch that lets you store prizes and presents from Pinky Bear, as rewards for positive potty-training sessions. And this system is a lot of fun. I was shocked at how thrilled my granddaughters were with Pinky Bear. They absolutely wanted to go to the potty, because they knew it made Pinky Bear happy, and Pinky Bear would bring them a present. And that’s a big win for both kids and caregivers.”

Potty Train with Pinky Bear: ‘Pinky Bear, Pinky Bear: Come see me!”

Each book is made of heavy-duty material, so they will last throughout the potty-training experience, and each Pinky Bear plush toy is handmade, not gender specific, and comes with the patented prize pocket, to make them unique and special for each child.

“Removing the stress from potty training is the first and most important step you can take to make your kids happy,” said Roberts. “The key to potty training is to make it fun. Pinky Bear is more than just a book and a bear – it’s a whole, integrated system that takes the best parts of storytelling, imagination, and friendship, leveraging them as a way to get your child to view the potty-training session as a positive experience. You no longer have to beg and plead with them to use the potty, because they’ll ‘run-run-run’ for their potty chair. Singing the whole way: ‘Pinky Bear, Pinky Bear, come see me. I’ll learn to potty, like one, two, three!'”

The Pinky Bear system is a powerful teaching tool and has already received rave parent reviews, garnering both the Mom’s Choice Award and The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

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