Giving Young Gamers an Insider’s View and, For Some, the Key to a Great Paying Career, in the Video Game Industry

SAN RAMON, Calif., March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — You don’t need technical or artistic skills to have a successful career in the gaming industry, according to Video Game Careers Demystified author Michael S. Chang.

Some of the best careers in the industry require neither of these skills. After generating over $250 million revenue, marketing AAA (like RuneScape and Dragon Age) and indie titles (ZooWorld, Pieces of Flair, etc), Chang now heads a boutique consulting firm Growtigo to help both game and technology startups tell amazing stories and find commercial success.

Video Game Careers Demystified reveals what it’s really like in the gaming industry. The book targets 10–25-year-olds, who love games and dream of turning their passions into a lifelong career, as well as their parents and educators.

This book delights, educates, and inspires the readers by answering three sets of questions:

1. WHAT IS IT REALLY LIKE to create and publish games?

2. Does THE INDUSTRY OFFER VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES for young people? What about teens who are not STEM-inclined or artistic?


“I’ve marketed a lot of video games during my decade-plus career. Next to other industries that I’ve worked in (Technology and Advertising) the game industry offers young people unique opportunities to work in a high-stakes, hypercompetitive environment, yet also the most lucrative, challenging, and rewarding space by far for those bold enough to pursue it,” said Chang.

Fourteen industry experts contributed to this book, offering up how they started in the industry, and words of wisdom to young gamers bold enough to follow in their footsteps. They include storied producers, writers, designers, marketers, researchers and more, who have worked on iconic games like Assassin’s Creed, RuneScape, Battlefield, Star Wars the Old Republic, Age of Empires, Halo, Words with Friends, Pac-Man, ABC Mouse, Pieces of Flair, and many others.

“Coming from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, my colleagues have found success in the gaming industry. By contributing their viewpoints, they too believe in giving back by cultivating a new generation of gamers and creators,” said Chang.

The author encourages parents and teachers to work with young people to complete a self-assessment of 10 plus questions outlined in the book.

Examining a young person’s strengths, likes, dislikes, preferences, and values, the book helps one decide if the gaming industry is the right fit and, if Yes, how to get started.

These questions also take into account if one’s good at working with people, whether one’s motivated by vanity and fame. Depending on the results, there are three basic career paths one can choose. One can be what Chang refers to as

  • Mage, one who makes video games;
  • Warrior, one who plays and/or streams games competitively;
  • Rogue, one who provides auxiliary technology tools and services to game developers and publishers.

Chang asserts that personalities play important roles in the industry.

Introverts do very well because they can better empathize with and understand other gamers and their needs.

At the same time, young people who are more athletic and hypercompetitive at sports with a win-at-all costs mentality make great Warriors.

The Mage, those who make video games, ultimately get the lion’s share of the credit for a successful game. They’re driven with an appropriate mindset and stive for the satisfaction, fame, and fortune they get when a game is launched and becomes a big hit.

Few knows about the consultants, agencies, and technology providers, who work hard to make the game a success. Just as there are set designers, costume designers, special effects teams, and video and audio editing tools used in Hollywood, there are the Rogues who make AAA and indie games a reality.

“By delving into the interplay of personalities, the book helps young people assess their values along with their skills and suggests a role where they may excel in the industry,” said Chang.

Video Game Careers Demystified is available on Amazon

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