Futuri Launches TopicPulse ContentAdvantage, Content AI Designed for TV Broadcasters and Digital Publishers

CLEVELAND, March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Futuri, the leading provider of AI-driven audience engagement and sales intelligence technology for media, today announced the launch of TopicPulse ContentAdvantage. This new launch takes TopicPulse, the predictive content AI system used by thousands of the world’s top broadcast brands to get insights into the stories and angles that will best resonate with their audience, and adds features designed specifically for TV and digital newsrooms. 

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage’s key features include:

  • Proprietary and powerful AI that scans more than 100,000 live sources and real-time data from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to show more than just what’s trending now: TopicPulse ContentAdvantage shows what will be trending. 
  • Customizable live dashboards that enable newsrooms to drill down to the audience they want by age, location, and interest. It’s demo data and predictive analytics guaranteed to find content that resonates with core consumers.
  • Robust discovery tools that show which stories and which angles will keep growing, and which are losing an audience’s interest. Using TopicPulse ContentAdvantage as a compass, newsrooms can focus their time on the stories that matter most instead of putting resources behind stale stories.
  • A local/national mix that finds local stories before they trend, and identifies which national stories have caught the passion of a local audience. This national data can vary significantly from market to market.
  • A web and mobile app that allows newsrooms to set shortcuts, receive alerts (desktop, Slack, and push), and access TopicPulse IdeaStarters™, pre-written content on the day’s top stories updated in real time. 

TopicPulse ContentAdvantage partners can also access TopicPulse Instant Video, which enables them to quickly create branded, timely video content on the day’s top stories for use on their sites and socials.

“TopicPulse Content Advantage’s predictive AI is a critical advantage for TV and digital newsrooms who need to stay ahead of their audience,” said Tim Wolff, Futuri VP, TV and Digital Publishing Innovation. “Live, exclusive insights on what your audience is reacting to, and what they will react to, give tech-savvy newsrooms time to focus your journalism on the stories with the biggest impact for your audience.”

For more information on TopicPulse ContentAdvantage, visit futurimedia.com.

Programming note: Wolff and Futuri CEO and Founder Daniel Anstandig will cover topics related to AI in the newsroom in the webinar Winning Breaking News: Hint! It’s Not Always About Being First on Thursday, March 11, at 1p ET. Sign up at futurimedia.com/breakingnews. This free webinar is open to newsrooms and journalists across the world and will cover topics including: 

  • Information comes from so many places, and so quickly. What does being first really mean today? What’s just bragging rights vs. what really moves the mark for your brand? 
  • Creating a culture where your team understands how to win breaking news today.
  • Making your brand the first one your audience will see on their platform of choice — which is not always your platform of choice.
  • Ways in which technology is changing how newsrooms think about and execute breaking news. 
  • A variety of best practices, based on data and personal experience, all designed to create more effective newsrooms.

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