From the North Pole: Holly Figgyworth Reveals Beloved Elf Tradition Through Debut Book, Website and Gifting Program

MAPLEWOOD, N.J., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With eWonderment LLC’s launch of ‘Festival of the Elves ~The Magic Around You,’ a picture book and online experience designed by elves to bring surprise and delight during this pandemic year, families have a unique opportunity for fun activities this holiday season.

“I wanted to share our much-loved note-giving tradition with humans in the hope that the world will become a more joyous and magical place,” said elfin author Holly Figgyworth. “The magical power of giving, being grateful and making time for family fun grows with each act.”

‘Festival of the Elves’ is the first-hand account by the author, who in the book sets out from the North Pole with her brother on a twinkly, swirly, snowy night. They arrive at the home of the Puddingtons and begin to share the tradition invented by their kindly and joyous Grandpa Norris Figgyworth. The Puddington family is thrilled at discovering rhyming notes every morning and excited by the secret elf visits and fun family activities.

In the book, each day the Puddingtons receive a themed rhyming note – Monday is Hide and Seek Day; Tuesday is Silly Day; Wednesday is Treat Day; Thursday is Art Day; Friday is Riddle Day; Saturday is Song and Dance Day; and Sunday is Gratitude Day.

To help parents recreate the fun and excitement of getting daily notes from elves, Holly and her team created a companion website where families can print out the notes as well as find elf recipes, coloring book pages, an interactive North Pole map, funny elf facts and 15 elves and their bios. Families will discover, as Grandpa Figgyworth likes to say in the book, that “The magic around you is the magic you make.”

The book and website, filled with lush full-page spreads of glorious and delightfully playful paintings by illustrator Mai S. Kemble, showcase the elaborate world of North Pole elves. The exotic and colorful elves dance and swirl across pages brushed by snowflakes and magic dust. To explore the elf world visit

In the spirit of giving, eWonderment LLC will be donating 200 books to hospitals, schools, and children’s programs over the next weeks.

Holly and the elf team have launched their social media campaign via Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Holly Figgyworth’s human book agent Angeli Elliott will blog to encourage families to adopt the whimsical tradition of rhyming notes with joyous messages. All media inquiries can be sent to

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