From Mark 7 Publishing, The HOLY BIBLE Feminine Translation Version Seeks to End Biblical Misogyny

GREAT FALLS, S.C., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The FTV Bible reveals a Great Commission Cross and a Personal Baptism Cross when baptized through the Cross. They fulfill the Four Gospel Prophecy Cross, when the Kingdom of God replaces the Kingdom of Heaven with God of both heaven and earth.

This Bible is a result of interpreting and translating the Bible through the Discipline of the Cross, which begins with the first verse in the Bible. Scripture organized through the lens of this Foundation Cross is made visible in the image of the cross.  

The FTV Bible features a study section that reveals a timeless phenomenon for deciphering Bible text. It teaches one how to see and visually perceive Scripture through the Cross. The added human resource of sight generates a new and more complete understanding of Scripture with some unique results—the feminine side of God, and the simplicity of salvation through the Cross :1—2—3 steps on the cross before the 4th step Result.

This previously hidden phenomenon is timeless, because it has consistently structured Scripture that spans a time period of 6000 years of human history using 40 different human authors. Called Jesus’ Witness Cipher-77, it reveals undeniable evidence of a single timeless author of the Bible.

Rather than a partial verse, baptism is shown to be through the discipline of the complete Cross of YHWH God formed with the complete verse of Mat 28:19. The phrase, all the nations, on the foot of the Great Commission Cross, with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit above, reveals a complete 4-way baptism through the Discipline of the Cross. This follows Jesus’ instruction for the Great Commission, and one by one personal baptism, where each person learns how to take up one’s own cross to be worthy of Jesus (Mat 10:38) and be qualified to be his disciple (Luke 14:27).

Jesus was Asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God cometh. Jesus answered them and said, the kingdom of God is within you. (Luke 17: 20-21). The Kingdom of God is within us when we know Eve, the mother of all living on earth, is within us on the foot of the complete Cross. (Gen 3:20)

The HOLY BIBLE Feminine Translation Version
Published by Mark 7 Publishing, 2021, ISBN 978-0-9796263-4-0
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