Frank McKinney to Launch “Adversitology” with Nationwide Book Tour that Sees Life Through the Eyes of The Homeless, Extends Hope and Financial Support to Hundreds of Unhoused Americans

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Real estate rock czar, philanthro-capitalist, and ultra-marathoner Frank McKinney has announced the details of his 25-city book tour for Adversitology: Overcoming Adversity When You’re Hanging on By a Thread, which invokes one of the book’s key messages: Mercy spreads across those who use their adversities to lessen another’s.

Throughout the Adversitology Book Tour, Frank will immerse himself within the homeless population, bringing Adversitology to life as he stops in facilities along the East Coast, from homeless shelters to veteran’s facilities.

He will assume the demeanor and live the circumstance of the unhoused in every city to help those who are trying to overcome the ultimate adversity – homelessness. After attempting to engage with the public as an assumed-homeless resident and experiencing each community’s general reaction, Frank will stay with the unhoused in homeless camps, parks, and under bridges. He’ll then “emerge” and speak with the unhoused population to deliver the message of hope found in Adversitology. A message that says, no matter how dire things seem, everyone can overcome their adversities.

He’ll also provide deserving individuals he encountered during his immersive process with donations, and in some cases, “the lifeline” they need to turn their lives around, as was the case with “Joey” whom Frank helped by donating a security deposit and rent for a new apartment.

Adversitology is based on Frank’s recent battle with leukemia and his theory on adversity resulting from his life-threatening experience. He was diagnosed on March 11, 2020, the same day the country shut down due to the pandemic. As a successful entrepreneur who was once homeless himself and built his life quite literally from nothing, Frank is no stranger to adversity, and in Adversitology he outlines his mental approach to overcoming this illness, while his body fought to overcome it physically. Frank’s theory for overcoming adversity is applicable to any adversity one might experience, from addiction, relationship problems, financial challenges, and so many other struggles we encounter in life.

Adversitology’s launch will take place in Delray Beach on March 11 and will benefit the area’s homeless population. In fact, many guests at this event will be homeless individuals, all deserving of a lifeline to overcome their adversity. For the other guests in attendance, their “ticket” for entry is $250 worth of gift cards to be evenly distributed into gift bags for the evening’s honorees.

Adversitology: Overcoming Adversity When You’re Hanging on By a Thread, retails at $24.95 and is currently available on Amazon and 100% of proceeds from Adversitology go towards Caring House Project, which Frank founded in 2003 and through which he has built 30 self-sustaining villages in Haiti. The sale of each book provides roughly 100 meals for the children living in Caring House villages.

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