Former Amish TV Star Pens Second Book in “Caroline Creek” Fictional Murder Mystery Series

Author Mose J. Gingerich’s personal experience and unparalleled storytelling immerse readers in a gritty and scandalized Amish community unlike any other.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — You may think, or want to think every Amish community is the same. A simple, peaceful world of wholesome bliss, fluff and romance. The Amish community of Caroline Creek is none of those things. There are kidnappings, murders, backstabbing and betrayal among members of the church, and that is just the beginning. In his second installment of the Caroline Creek series, Mose J. Gingerich’s Chaos proves a community is most vulnerable without its leader. When the Bishop disappears, gossip and speculation quickly turn to fear as this Amish community spirals into a tangled web of deceit, power struggles, and an invisible hand that seems to be playing God with their lives. It’s up to Maria Reader, a stubborn and rebellious teenage Amish outcast, to save them before all is lost.

Gingerich brings his more than 20 years living in an Amish community to every page, building upon some of the harsh and often hidden realities of Amish life he experienced growing up. In a genre often dominated by idealistic characters and relationships, Gingerich provides a new and compelling perspective, guaranteed to hook readers from page one. Chaos follows the first book in the Caroline Creek series, Shadows We Remain, published in 2021. Gingerich is available for remote or in person interviews to talk more about the series, as well as his time both in and out of Amish life.

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More About Mose: Mose J Gingerich was born into an Old Order Amish community in Greenwood, WI, and lived the lifestyle for the first 22 years of his life. After working in construction and car sales, Mose now works as an over-the-road truck driver, using his down time on the road to write or read. His transition into the outside world and his quest to help other ex-Amish teens find their footing have been chronicled in reality TV Shows like Amish in the City, and Amish: Out of Order. Mose currently lives in Missouri with his wife and three kids.

Mose J Gingerich

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