FirstGlobal Partners Releases Steve Chandler and Will Keiper’s New Book “The Leader and The Coach-The Art of Humanity in Leadership”

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel said, “Change has never been this fast, and will never be this slow again.” This couldn’t be truer than it is today.

Changes in the world of work and leadership have significantly accelerated since the arrival of COVID-19. Alongside the rise of work-from-home, the Great Resignation, and seismic advances in technology, leaders of organizations are expected to offer employees greater mindfulness and well-being in the workplace. Employees now want to be seen as more than mere “human assets.” They want to be collaborators, to be heard, and have opportunities for greater autonomy and self-development.

How are leaders – traditionally been valued for their ability to deliver growing revenue and profits — supposed to create thriving environments, and also be more “humane?” Leaders with traditional skills who embrace the humanness that is the foundation of successful coaching can create powerful transformations for individuals, teams, and themselves. A leader with skill at “coaching” a person’s full being—body, mind, and spirit—will be able to attract, develop, retain, and optimize the talent of their people.

These opportunities are explored in The Leader and The Coach—The Art of Humanity in Leadership from the perspectives of a leader and a coach of leaders. Will (William) Keiper, is The Leader, offering his views from experience working as a CEO of NASDAQ, NYSE, and private organizations and as a professional business advisor. Steve Chandler, The Coach, is a renowned coach of leaders and leadership coaches who gained his coaching expertise through working with executives and teams in Fortune 500 companies and with thousands of individuals and coaches.

A leader today must not only see and understand these changes, but also be able to make sound decisions. The authors not only make a powerful case for why leaders need to rise to exhibit greater empathy, transparency, and authenticity in their roles, but also show how to get there. Some of the themes are: Creating an environment of psychological safety, Being more authentic and transparent. Developing and advancing well-being initiatives, Creating a sense of belonging and community, Supporting creativity and collaboration, Enabling greater autonomy and self-management, Providing self-development opportunities and recognition.

“In The Leader & The Coach you get two distinct voices from two unique authors. While there are plenty of concrete suggestions . . . the book is something much more than mere advice – it’s a book of wisdom. The authors explain how the best leaders become talent magnets, the sort of people who attract the innovators and the high-achievers. And here’s the cool part: you don’t get there by just being a better boss; you get there by being a better person,” said Dale Dauten, founder of The Innovator’s Lab, syndicated columnist, and author of Experiments Never Fail and The Gifted Boss.

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