First Children’s Picture Book with Fully Generated AI Illustrations

Publisher aims to combine human creativity and artificial intelligence to rapidly create engaging children’s stories.

POUGHQUAG, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stone Hollow Press takes first step in children’s picture book publishing by combining human writing with computer generated images. The picture book, “If Animals Had Jobs,” contains artwork generated with the assistance of DALL·E 2, an artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by AI research and deployment company, OpenAI. Every illustration in the book, as well as the cover, was generated by DALL·E 2. All images were created based off short text descriptions written by the author.

“As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, more prevalent, and more accessible to everyone, we’ll find new and exciting ways to incorporate this technology into our personal and professional lives,” says Dennis DeRobertis, author of “If Animals had Jobs” and Stone Hollow Press Publisher. “Even after spending a career in tech, it was still amazing – and sobering – to see this technology at work and how easily it integrated with the creative process. Of course, I’ll continue to hire and work with human artists for most of our picture books, but we’re at a tipping point of what this technology can do.”

From an alligator that’s happy to work in the sewers, to a giraffe that loves to pick apples, to a gorilla that makes the perfect fitness instructor, “If Animals Had Jobs” takes a playful look at the types of jobs best suited to an animal’s particular abilities.

“If Animals Had Jobs” is available now in paperback from Amazon and other retailers. A free PDF version of the book is also available directly from the publisher’s web site (

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Stone Hollow Press is an independent publisher from New York’s picturesque Hudson Valley region. With a focus on children’s books, its lead series is The Little Brown Spider, the able arachnid who helps children through challenging or stressful times.


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