Epic Vampire, Paranormal, Romance Novel Released — Len Handeland Premieres His New Novel

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Len Handeland releases his first novel, an epic, dynamic, enthralling tale of love, jealousy, rage, and the Supernatural!

“I wrote ‘The Darkest Gift’ as I felt no other author had written an enthralling vampire romance novel since Anne Rice, which was a breakthrough in featuring two vampires of the same gender as a couple. I felt it was necessary to write a compelling and enthralling book where my vampires were complicated and less ambiguous about their sexual orientation. Where the focus is on love, whether human and vampire or two vampires, bringing dignity back to stories written about same-sex couples,” says Handeland.

Despite only being released, it’s off to a beautiful start, with over 750 downloads in 3 days on Amazon. Here are some reviews readers have left on Amazon:

Velvet Bear — “I treated myself to start reading this book early last Sunday morning. Not sure where 2+ hours went but then chores called. I got over 100 pages read / an easy read / and enthralled with the entertaining story; reading the story is very easy to use my imagination to visualize. When I finish, I will update / meanwhile, if you want a good read, T H I S is it! 5.0 out of 5 stars W O W!”

Penny-pincher — Starts strong and keeps going; you want to read more.

“I haven’t read the entire book, but it is a page-turner. Great character development and detail, peppered with riveting passion. A must poolside read for 2021!”

If you would like to know more about the author or his book, please contact Len Handeland at
or 415-518-9565.

SOURCE Len Handeland