Engaging ‘Far From Mars’ Offers Welcome Respite From Armageddon Journalism

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taking a break from his usual fiction prose, author Sal Nudo has released a new book of creative nonfiction stories about people and places in his native twin-city towns of Champaign-Urbana.

The book of charming literary journalism pieces range from dog walkers who adore their Greyhounds to a cassette collector who hosts a local radio show and plays on-air music via the tapes he buys.

Readers will also meet an established chef who is now part owner of a new restaurant, a recovered alcoholic turned antique collector, and a musician who performs solo despite a lingering cold that will alter his performance.

The book concludes with an award-winning immersion journalism story, “The Man Who Lives to Help,” which covers the life of a formerly incarcerated individual who is trying to improve his ways in Rantoul.

“These pieces are about people who could be your neighbor or coworker, individuals who engaged in activities that interested them, worked in jobs they cared about, partook in hobbies they were passionate about, and, in one case, pursued an entirely new way of living,” Nudo said.

Nudo wrote the book to offer a journalistic slice of the lives of regular people, narratives that offer welcome relief from the world strife seen daily in online news articles and in newspapers.

Hailing from Milwaukee but a longtime Champaign resident, Nudo is the author of the novella The Newspaperman, which was selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist by Literacy Excellence Incorporated and received the October 2018 Literary Titan Book Award.

Nudo’s books are available on Amazon, and he can be reached at
 or 217-402-5320.