EchoExamTM Announces Abeka New Publishing Partner

Leading K12 and homeschool publisher Abeka chooses EchoExam cloud-based assessment software to enhance curriculum and enrich student & educator outcome experiences.    

NEW YORK, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Echo360, the most comprehensive, global SaaS platform for creating, delivering, and measuring learning engagement outcomes in any learning environment, announced a major partnership with Abeka Publishing to deliver EchoExam™ assessments through Abeka textooks to thousands of K12 schools and students worldwide.  

Echo360 launched EchoExam as its next-generation summative assessment platform for education and business, building on the company’s 20+ year success and legacy of ExamView.  With enriched cloud-based flexibility, mobility, security, and accessibility, EchoExam is a preferred assessment platform for educators and publishers like Abeka seeking to deliver the highest levels of student engagement and outcomes.

“We reached out to Echo360 in 2019 because our educators were big fans of ExamView, but we really needed an on-line assessment tool at the time,” said Randy Teegarden, Vice President at Abeka.  “When EchoExam became available, with both online and offline functionality, we immediately jumped at the chance to enhance the Abeka learning experience with an assessment solution that will transform test creation and delivery for our customers.”

Ready in time for the 2024/2025 school year, Abeka textbooks will deliver authenticated question banks and turnkey tests for instructors to administer through EchoExam.  In addition to the authorized exams Abeka will deliver through the platform, instructors will also be able to use EchoExam throughout the school year for supplemental assessments and student engagement. 

“All of the solutions we deliver in Echo360’s Echosystem platform, including EchoExam, are designed to increase learning engagement outcomes and decrease instructor administration time,” said Murad Velani, President and CEO of Echo360.  “With EchoExam instructors can create and deliver a secure, accessible test to learners in any environment in minutes – even faster with Abeka’s trusted, proven curriculum.”

With EchoExam, Abeka textbooks will deliver the most comprehensive suite of assessment features including:

  • Personalized item banks with metadata
  • Accredited question types
  • Mobile, desktop, and print functionality
  • Secure browser lock for testing integrity and security
  • Mac/Windows/Chromebook compatibility
  • Performance results and reporting at the individual, course, and institution level.

“At Abeka our mission is to support and equip students, teachers, and parents by providing amazing Pre-K through Grade 12 academic resources,” continued Teegarden.  “EchoExam delivers on that mission, and we can’t wait to deliver the new Abeka/ EchoExam experience to our schools this Fall.”

“Publishing partnerships are accelerating Echo360’s impact around the world, reaching even more instructors and learners with the transformative experiences of the Echosystem,” concluded Velani. “We are excited to work with Abeka and welcome more partners toward a shared mission of enabling the learning transformations educators seek while delivering the highest standards of engagement and learning outcomes.”

In addition to EchoExam, Echo360 has recently enhanced several solutions of its Echosystem, including a new video player and multi-channel functionality of its flagship EchoVideo™ solution, and EchoPoll™, a SaaS formative assessment solution helping instructors actively engage and track ongoing learner comprehension through interactive polling.

About Echo360

Echo360 is the leading interactive video learning management, content, engagement, and assessment platform serving over 2 million learners and instructors at more than 1200 higher education institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.  Built for the cloud and grounded in principles of learning equity, evidence, and engagement, instructors and learners around the world can use the platform from wherever they are, on any device, to create, record, and consume content, give and receive feedback, and gain real-time insights along their inspired learning journey.

About Abeka

50 years ago, Doctors Rebekah and Arlin Horton, the founders of Pensacola Christian College and Academy, needed faith based textbooks. When they could not find what they required, the couple – led by Rebekah — started writing their own. “A Beka Book” printing was born in an elementary school classroom. The couple’s popular Christian curriculum was increasingly demanded by Christian schools and parents of homeschooled children all over the world.

Today Abeka serves 1,000,000 students worldwide as part of its mission to support and equip students, teachers, and parents by providing amazing Pre-K through Grade 12 academic resources based upon biblical values.

Jeff Peterson

SOURCE Echo360