Dr. Rick “The RokDok” Brand: A Memoir of Resilience and Reinvention, from The Bronx to Rock Stardom and Beyond

NEW YORK, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The remarkable life of Dr. Rick “The RokDok” Brand, a man whose existence was nearly ended before it began alongside the dawn of the atomic age, is a tale of defiance, redemption, and profound transformation. Today, Dr. Brand unveils his gripping memoir, charting a course from being left back in high school to becoming a renowned psychiatrist, from the grooves of rock ‘n’ roll to the groves of academia.

Born in the shadow of World War II and raised in the rebellious streets of Greenwich Village, Rick Brand’s tumultuous early life included brushes with academic failure and the law. A passion for music led him to pick up the 5-string banjo and guitar, setting him on a path that would see him become the lead guitarist of The Left Banke, immortalized by hits like “Walk Away RenĂ©e” and “Pretty Ballerina.”

However, it was his decision to leave the music industry and seek a new purpose that marked the beginning of an extraordinary second act. Entering City College of New York (CCNY) to test his academic potential, Rick not only passed but soared, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude. His academic odyssey continued at New York Medical College and included training at The Metropolitan Hospital in NYC and The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical College in psychiatry.

Today, Dr. Rick Brand is the only US psychiatrist to have transitioned from rock star to medical professional, a journey that has earned him the title of Best Psychiatrist in Rockland County by Townline Magazine. His life’s work, woven with threads of music and medicine, has been dedicated to helping others reconstruct their lives.

“Every strum, every struggle, every note of my past has been a lesson in understanding the human condition,” Dr. Brand reflects. “This memoir isn’t just my story; it’s a roadmap for resilience and reinvention that I hope will resonate with anyone seeking to change their own narrative.”

Dr. Brand’s unique perspective as both rockstar and psychiatrist infuses his memoir with the sensibilities of someone who has truly lived through the extremes of human experience. His story is one not only of personal triumph but also of the broader human capacity to overcome and evolve.

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