Dialog Journalism® Inventor Nielsen Posts Embodied Internet-Compatible Global Discourse Plan

CHICAGO, Dec. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Geodialog Media LLC CEO Christine Marie Nielsen today posted a blueprint for global discourse compatible with an embodied Internet environment. The release precedes the publishing of a book from Geodialog Publishing Open Plan: Bringing Everyone to the Table for Equitable Information Delivery.

The information provided in the blueprint is contained in a public domain patent submitted by Nielsen to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2012. Already cited by two entities working to improve online communication, the invention "System and Method for an Improved Communication and Interactive News Forum," is available here in USPTO records and on the Geodialog Media website under "Discourse Resources."

"I wanted to raise the profile of the patent to give others a chance to access and improve upon it," says Nielsen. "Organizations around the world are emphasizing shared dialogue among a variety of stakeholders and this plan connects users on a digital platform to create an environment of fair information distribution and global arbitration."

About Christine Marie Nielsen

Nielsen launched Geodialog Media LLC in 2012 after creating Dialog Journalism® (2011) to form a solution-focused dissemination of news that integrates international editorial content and an online social media forum. She first invited the public to a "global citizenship ecosystem" with a campaign launched in 2014.

Born in Milwaukee – polarized in terms of socioeconomic circumstances and race – Nielsen has written about how intergenerational poverty has impacted her family. She’s worked as a staff reporter for Dow Jones & Company Inc. and Knight Ridder Inc. She’s also worked as an intercultural editor for the Christian Science Monitor and Living Earth Television. She has an MA from Northwestern University in Creative Writing and a BA from Marquette University in Journalism, minor in English.

Nielsen has been a proponent for fostering minority and women-owned entities in an information industry threatened by a concentration of power.

Geodialog Media LLC

Geodialog Media LLC is the original dialogic-based journalism organization.

Our Earth Issues (OEI) at https://ourearthissues.com, one of Geodialog Media’s flagship products, attempts to show reported perspective from each region, incorporating articles and other types of media from that region and local audiences during Geodialog® global town halls.

Geodialog Publishing publishes works that underpin online conversations.

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