Delia Bread, What Can You Do Instead?

VENTURA, Calif., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Parents can use some help. Children need social skills.
Delia Bread’s release comes at a serendipitous time in education. With so many youngsters learning from home, social/emotional development skills needn’t fall by the wayside.

Delia Bread, What Can You Do Instead? is already getting superb reviews from teachers, programming executives, behavioralists, parents, and other authors. Just recently, it garnered a spot as #3 in Hot New Releases on Amazon.

  • Delia is a bright, well-intended character who can become challenged by simple glitches that occur in everyday life. And sometimes, her reactions are bigger than the size of the problem. Because she is relatable, when she solves her problems using superhero social skills, she presents as a peer role model for having a growth mindset. And we all know how important it is to practice being flexible and reduce stress.

The author, Carra Robertson, is a parent of four, and has been an elementary school educator for over two decades. Since 2006, she has been working in her local school district with students on the Autism Spectrum. Carra observes how “social-emotional skills are essential for all children.”

Carra also feels, “It’s important to teach with humor. When we’re laughing, we are present and vulnerable. That’s the best time to sneak in a lesson.”

  • Delia is the 1st of 10 in the Superhero Social Skills series. The next book, Eddison Pie, Can You Give it Another Try? will be released before Thanksgiving, and Jimmy Sirloin, Can You Ask a Friend to Join? will follow thereafter.

Kids, parents, grandparents, and teachers will embrace this food-themed world and its whimsical characters. The illustrations provide visual stimulation, while the social skills are delivered in rhyme to intrigue the ear.

Themes: Growth mindset, Tolerance, Diversity, Personal Values, Humor, Friendship, Family Values, Social/Emotional Development

Saturday Sept 12th at 10am PT, the book will have its world debut, read aloud by the author, on Facebook Live. There will also be a Q & A. Click here for Eventbrite FREE tickets.

Delia Bread is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback.

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