Dallas Express Excited to Announce New Website and Ad Campaign Highlighting Brand History

DALLAS, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Dallas Express is proud to announce the launch of their updated website featuring an easier to use navigation across all their stories. The new features enhance the reading experience and help make local and national news more accessible.

"The Dallas Express is dedicated to providing truth and facts in a way that is easy for our readership to access. We have decided to take a proactive approach and constantly improve the functionality of our website," says Stacey Shelton, spokesperson for the Dallas Express.

Along with the launch of the newly redesigned website, the Dallas Express will be launching a new commercial campaign. The goal of the new campaign will be to showcase the Dallas Express’s historical roots in the community and to keep its fight for justice alive.

The paper was founded in 1892 by William E. King. It quickly became one of the largest Black, pro-civil rights newspapers in the country, often reporting on things other papers would ignore, like hate crimes and attacks by the Klu Klux Klan.

Since then, the Dallas Express has become dedicated to covering daily news, local events, activities, and stories in the DFW metroplex and covering national news stories that matter to their readers. The website takes a strong stance to remain fact-based and non-opinionated. They will feature interviews from businesses and various figures in the community.

Stacey Shelton continued, "It’s important that our readers know how much we care about them as well as presenting the facts in a way they can easily digest. Whether it means updating our website, launching a new ad campaign to promote brand awareness, or simply working around the clock to cover important stories, we are committed to providing the best experience possible on every front."

The team at the Dallas Express remains committed to upholding the principles of William E. King by providing a fresh, non-partisan voice to their readers, especially in the Dallas area.

It can be read for free online at https://dallasexpress.com.

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