Controversial Book Probes the Mystery of Sex to Sound an Urgent Alarm

Having imagined the outer limits of sex in his SECRET SEX LIFE OF ANGELS fantasy seriesI. J. Weinstock’s new nonfiction book, OUR SECRET SEX LIFE: The Key to Humanity’s Destiny, reveals the hidden connections between sex, society, and survival.

NEW YORK, July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ask I. J. Weinstock why he’s written so many books about sex, and he’ll offer this provocative reply: "It’s not just about sex, it’s about survival! Maybe we’re f****** up the world because our f****** is f***** up."

In his controversial new book, he writes, "sex is much more than the physical act. It defines our humanity and shapes our society."

His book describes how humans are evolutionary exceptions, not only because of their big brains but because they liberated sex from reproduction and, unlike other mammals, have sex all the time. No longer instinctual in humans, evolution had to develop more sophisticated means of communication between the sexes "to negotiate the who, how, where, and when of this uniquely human hyper-sexual reproduction. The need to choreograph a new kind of ‘mating dance’ evolved into speech, complex language, and ultimately civilization."

Weinstock’s Theory of Sexual Relativity and Human Destiny proposes that the "story" we tell ourselves about sex determines the kind of civilization in which we live. "How we conceive of, feel about, and engage in sex," he explains, "shapes relations between men and women, dictates the dynamics of family, and ultimately influences the values and structures of society. In tech terms, our SEX OS is the source code for society."

But, according to Weinstock, "Our SEX OS has been ‘hacked’ by cultural and religious ‘viruses’ with catastrophic consequences!" He asks us to consider the possibility that "our hacked SEX OS may be the source of the self-inflicted crises that threaten humanity, and that our ‘story’ about sex is leading us on a path toward self-destruction."

The book poses some existential questions: "Has the collective trauma of sexual shame we’ve inherited over thousands of years driven us to commit the insanely self-destructive act of ‘poisoning our nest’ and destroying our world?"

Weinstock wrote OUR SECRET SEX LIFE not only to sound an alarm but to spark an urgent conversation. "It’s not just about sex: it’s about how our hacked SEX OS distorts relations between the sexes and makes us vulnerable to sexual manipulation for political gain, and why women’s reproductive freedom is necessary for a healthy society." 

His book makes this plea—"We’re in the midst of a cultural upheaval about women, men, gender, and sex. We need to understand the sexual undercurrents that affect our social and political life and, ultimately, our future. With humanity facing a gathering storm of self-inflicted, existential catastrophes, it’s crucial that we re-write our ‘story’ and upgrade our hacked SEX OS. Not just for personal satisfaction or better sex lives, but for society’s health and civilization’s survival."

OUR SECRET SEX LIFE: The Key to Humanity’s Destiny (DreaMaster Books) is available on Amazon

I. J. Weinstock

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