Continuously Improve Business Operations with John Ballis’s New Book “Rapid ROI: Mobilizing a Sustainable Improvement Journey”

LUCAS, Texas, March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Corporations that can’t figure out how to continuously improve may become non-competitive and sometimes go out of business. Competition is never idle, and the world is just coming out a pandemic. Therefore, companies must not only improve, but they must also do so at a more rapid pace than their competition to thrive.

Continuous improvement is a constant pursuit to evolve and be better. It’s a never-ending cycle that companies must be in to achieve lower operational costs and increased customer satisfaction.

In this book, John Ballis Amazon Bestselling Author coaches’ CEOs and managers on how to create a highly engaged employee culture that will ultimately lead to a state of sustainability. This kind of culture will help the corporation sustain high satisfaction scores from customers because their workforce delivers products that are on time and complete and have the best quality.

God Father of Lean wrote the forward just before he passed away. “John is one of those rare Lean consultants who know how to get long-term results. You will enjoy reading his book on Rapid ROI and working with him. I highly recommend this for all leaders committed to learning how to execute change for lasting results.” Norman Bodek Owner PCS Pres—Godfather of Lean

“I believe that even without the CEO being physically there, they can be assured that their employees are capable of improving every day, every month, and in the years to come. This is a state of sustainability that far outlives the CEO,” says John Ballis, CEO and Founder of Lean Your Way,

John Ballis, often referred to as the Master of Continuous Improvement, has a new book, Rapid ROI, that is a must-read for all CEOs. Focusing on Continuous Improvement via an engaged culture that flows throughout your entire organization and results in immediate waste reduction, John provides a simple but powerful five-phase daily execution methodology that will create the cultural sustainability of Continuous Improvement. This is a methodology you will use as CEO at every level of your Continuous Improvement journey. Bill Wallace Success North Dallas, Founder & CEO

A hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. Grab your copy now Kindle $.99 special.

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