Collin Thomas Pens Down the Memoirs of His Time Living With The Austin Bomber in His Book ‘Sleeping Next to Death’

The book talks about what it was like for Collin to live 3-feet away from a terrorist without even knowing who he was and how things unfolded after he blew himself up

AUSTIN, Texas, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Every Texan remembers the terror Mark Conditt inflicted on Austin residents in March 2018. The tragic event that forever changed the lives of people close to him including his roommate, Collin I. Thomas, who, like everybody else, had no idea the person he slept 3-feet away from was a serial bomber.

"How can you even process that the person you’ve been living with for months was making bombs in your home and had killed multiple people?" said Collin.

Collin couldn’t sleep for months, flashes of his time spent with Mark under one roof kept haunting him. However, he eventually accepted that maybe it was all a facade Mark put up so no one could suspect what goes behind the closed doors of his room. That’s when the sense of deceit, the survivor’s guilt and PTSD set in. 

To let go of all the emotions of anger, betrayal, disbelief, fear, and sadness, Collin penned down the 6 months he spent living with Mark in his very first book, Sleeping Next To Death – A Memoir By The Roommate Of The Austin Bomber.

After Mark took his own life, the authorities turned to people close to him for answers, including Collin. They detained and interrogated him for hours when he had no idea it was Mark who did all the bombings. In fact, when the detective told him that, Collin went into complete denial.

"It didn’t make sense. I just kept telling myself it had to be a mistake."

The book, Sleeping Next to Death, goes over everything related to the tragic Austin bombings, including:

  • What factors Collin thinks made up the personality of the Austin bomber
  • How it was like living with him for 6 months
  • How the authorities caught the Austin bomber
  • His personal experience of being detained by A.P.D. for more than 16 hours
  • Things that happened during his interrogation by the F.B.I
  • And a lot more…

The book gives an overview of what went on in the background of and before the serial bombings in Austin. Things that have never been covered by the media. Things that only people close to the Austin Bomber know. Things to help decode the personality of a 23-year-old who, unlike other regular kids, made bombs in his room and terrorized the whole Bat City. 

So, to get a backstage view of the Austin serial bombings order the book online for just $19.99. This memoir gives a close, personal look at what it was like to go through such a horrendous experience and how Collin bounced back from the trauma it gave him.

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