Clean Hands™ Book Forever Changes Golfing Fundamentals for the Better

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill., Sept. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Forever changing the most foundational aspects of golfing for the better, the WaggleWeight® LLC has released a book uniquely titled "Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™". The work includes pointing out some of the countless entities that have continuingly helped to keep golfers (along with swing instructors and clubfitters as other examples) in the dark regarding even the most rudimental workings of swinging and equipment fitting. Historically this has contributed to ceaseless and commonly well-deserved (though often entertaining) ridiculing of golf and many associated with the game in various capacities. But first and foremost the book discloses far more correct principles toward learning, improving at, and/or enjoying the game.

Briefly, the work breaks down certain facets of swinging and clubfitting into smaller elements than ever before and reassembles them far more properly than previously possible. This profoundly alters and improves swing and clubfitting fundamentals from the ground up. While the principles as exposed can be applied to either swinging or clubfitting separately (and for basically any swinging style), these two primal aspects of golfing are also correctly linked together within the book. This critical linking has never been properly accomplished before, previously resulting in these two integral trades of the game oftentimes working against or conflicting with rather than complementing one another. The work is merely the first available of numerous associated products and services designed by the company that will help guide crucially needed overhauling and advancing of certain essentials of golf (

Unlike the glut of worthless, often preposterous products and/or services perpetuated throughout golf’s history, the Clean Hands™ book presents well-grounded concepts, theories, and practices that have been around essentially as long as man. Yet farcically golf has apparently not been able to ascertain them for various reasons (reasons also described within the work). In view of this, an approach that fittingly includes satirical humor is frequently utilized. While certain attributes of the game might make the book seem more necessary or valuable for those associated with golf, the matters as disclosed are quite universal in nature. Thus, lessons displayed can also be effectually applied to numberless other activities and walks of life (both sporting and non-sporting alike). So globally the work can be extremely beneficial toward analyzing and/or improving performance pertaining to uncountable other pursuits as well.

According to author and WaggleWeight® LLC founder Bill Kostuj (, "Any golfer opting for a swinging lesson, clubfitting process, purchasing any related equipment, or playing a round of golf (real or even simulated) as examples before learning the book’s complete contents is doing himself or herself a grave disservice." Kostuj further adds, "Any so-called trade professional (individual or organizational in nature) involved with but hardly limited to golf swing instruction or clubfitting not learning and complying with the work’s far more proper principles (as authorized) will justifiably be laughed out of the business as the principles become better known."

Symbolically priced at the rate of just a dozen commonly purchased golf balls, the book contains unprecedented and invaluable instruction and education applicable for a lifetime, and for a cost comparable to a number of balls some might use up during a single round of golf. "Ridding the Golf Industry of Those Having Unclean Hands: Proper Swing and Clubfitting Principles Administered with Clean Hands™" is now attainable for one’s personal, noncommercial use (potentially contractible for business or organizational use). The work is available only as a downloadable PDF e-book at this point and solely through the WaggleWeight® LLC, with the primary purchasing website address being

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