Christmas Is Just Around the Corner, Here’s an Early Gift to Help You Increase Your Job Performance and Improve Your Life at the Same Time: Employment Strategist and Business Expert, Joseph S. Sanchez, Offers Limited-Time Free Download of Transformative eBook – ‘Soar Like an Eagle, and Leave the Pack Behind’

HACKENSACK, N.J., Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author and educator Joe Sanchez announced a free download offer of his easy-to-use guidebook, “Soar Like an Eagle” just in time for the holiday season. An experienced insider, Sanchez has helped hundreds of clients and students over the years learn how to smash through the hamster-wheel mindset that leads to depression, strained relationships, dead-end jobs, and poor physical health. Presenting tools and mental strategies to enable more promotions and better performance in relationships of all types, “Soar Like an Eagle” is a roadmap to a brighter career and a more fulfilling life. Published by Penmen Media LLC, the free download is available via Amazon from December 4 through December 6, 2022.

The guidance you will find in this eBook can be used as a blueprint to increase your performance at your present job, no matter what industry you work in,” writes Sanchez. “And it’s an approach that will improve all aspects of your life – not just your job. The basic foundation for all good performance is the same: to be more efficient at what you do in a shorter period of time. I will lead you through a complete system, which if you follow, will show you how to move right past the rest of the pack. “

With actionable tools for increasing effectiveness at work, outperforming coworkers, creating a goal-focused mindset, and using a reader’s own cultivated skills to get ahead, “Soar Like an Eagle” leverages a worker’s inherent talents, skills, relationships with others, and opportunity building. Learn transformative strategies based on:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives to start smart.
  • Managing time better so more gets done with less stress.
  • Making the important decisions quickly – when it matters most.
  • Learning how to negotiate agreements that are mutually beneficial.
  • Improving tonality and maintaining good physical health.
  • Maintaining a good attitude, leading to better behavior and great communication.
  • Managing both finances and success to stay in the flow.
  • And much more…

Every great new beginning starts with a new attitude,” writes Sanchez. “You must have the drive and ambition to transform your life, and then believe you can do it. Keep in mind that, as you begin to enjoy successes, you will also have increased opposition from those who don’t like what you are doing. Or those who don’t have the ability and/or ambition to do what you are doing. And that is okay. Everybody wants to enjoy great success, but few are willing to do what it takes to make it a reality. You are one of the few. So let me show you how.”

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