Chapter by Chapter The Voice of GOD Study Bible by Dr. Sheila Hayford, This Is The FIRST Woman African American Study Bible Chapter by Chapter

DURHAM, N.C., May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Chapter by Chapter The Voice of God is the First Woman African-American Study Bible in the United States of America, written by Dr. Sheila Hayford. God yearns to have a loving authentic relationship with you. So God speaks in language that we can understand and in meaningful conversations. In this book, God is speaking to us with teachings, illustrations or parables, human stories and God’s plans and purpose in the chapters. As we seek God for answers to our questions, God also asks questions of us. This book is available online ( and at retail bookstores.

Says: Dr. Sheila Hayford: “Every person’s life on earth is a marathon race. No day is discounted, no day is disqualified, no day can be lived a second time, the race cannot be postponed and the race cannot be re-run. Not a day is to be wasted. In the book of Exodus Chapter 24 we see three levels of human relationship with God. The first was between God and Moses. The second was between God and the elders and chosen leaders and the third was between God and the people. At each level, God’s level of fellowship or intimacy was dependent on the level at which the individual or group had chosen to interact with God. The people said to Moses in Exodus Chapter 20, to paraphrase: Let God tell you what to tell us, you tell us and we will do it. God honored that and so God gave Moses the words to speak to the people. The elders and chosen leaders were satisfied to experience the presence of God and God honored that. That was not enough for Moses. Moses not only wanted the presence of God, Moses wanted one-on-one time with God. God gave Moses more than Moses could ever have imagined; forty days and forty nights one-on-one time with God and Moses received the tablets of stone written by the finger of God in the Ten Commandments.

Dr. Sheila Hayford is the author of several Christian books including Morning Glory-365 Devotionals like no other! and Morning Glory 2 -366 Devotionals like no other! She is gifted with the ability to make complicated topics relevant and easily understood and brings fresh ideas in her conversations.

Date of Book Publication: April 13, 2021
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