Celebrated Oregon Nature Artist Combines Book Launch With Sculpture Exhibit at Maryland Eastern Shore Festival

Terry Woodall to display his exclusive Oregon Myrtlewood wildlife art at three-day event

NORTH BEND, Ore., Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally recognized nature artist Terry Woodall will exhibit his wildlife sculpture and sign his new book at the Easton Waterfowl Festival, Nov. 10-13 in Easton, Md.

“Myrtlewood Memoirs: The Art & Heritage of Oregon Myrtlewood” book signing and Woodall’s display will take place in the Armory building on the festival grounds.

“I will feature carved herons and wall hanging art of natural images in the wood grain of birds and human faces,” Woodall said to describe his appearance.

A sculpture and wildlife artist for 30 years, Woodall is recognized for his use of Oregon myrtlewood to sculpt dramatic wildlife images. His illustrated 224-page book covers the history and heritage of the material he exclusively uses, and chronicles the artist and author’s entertaining life and career. Published in July 2022, the only book ever written about Oregon Myrtlewood is available at terrywoodall.com and Amazon.

“In the book, I make the claim that myrtlewood is a national treasure, based on these facts: Myrtle is the only tree of the laurel family native to North America and grows only on the west coast of Oregon and Northern California, and nowhere else on earth. Myrtlewood is one of the most beautiful of all rare woods, and used in fine woodworking for over a century,” Woodall said.

“I established Pacific Carvings in 1982 in North Bend, Ore. and have provided carvings in myrtlewood since that time, much of it on the Oregon coast where I live and work,” Woodall added. “Myrtlewood Memoirs” is the story of human integration with a bounty of wild nature, beginning with the Spanish explorers’ sightings on America’s west coast. My successes in the art world would never have occurred if I weren’t at home in the heartland of myrtlewood country to pursue my creative work.”

ABOUT TERRY WOODALL https://terrywoodall.com/
After 30 years of creating stunning wildlife images in Oregon Myrtlewood or bronze, celebrated nature artist and sculptor Terry Woodall’s works span the globe. Selected for prestigious national exhibitions from New York, Washington D.C. and Miami’s Art Basel, to Texas and California, Woodall was included in international art shows in London, England; Qingdao, China; and Irkutsk, Russia. He has lectured and demonstrated his sculpting at exhibitions in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Woodall’s works in public places include a sculpture of an eagle pair in the Land Conservancy sculpture garden in Fallbrook, Calif. The World Trade Center Portland in downtown Portland, Ore. displays Woodall’s “Myrtlewood Migration” salmon sculpture. Portland General Electric (PGE) sponsored the installation at their headquarters. Woodall also shares his knowledge and appreciation for nature and wildlife in lectures sponsored by the Oregon State Parks Department. His work is featured in five art galleries in Oregon, Washington, and Connecticut. He is a member of Artists for Conservation and The Society of Animal Artists.

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