Cannabis The Cat Lands His Magic Flying Magic Carpet on the East Coast

Cannabis The Cat Goes to Washington. 
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SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A children’s family book series, The Adventures of Cannabis The Cat is designed to begin an open, honest and ongoing conversation about the hemp plant. Beautiful color illustrations by Mike Motz. Cannabis The Cat is an inviting way to help introduce the sometimes difficult conversation with the increasingly complex world of opiate addiction and the marijuana plant.

The best medicine in life can sometimes just be an open and honest conversation. I explain to parents that after reading these books, for them to leave them out on the kitchen countertop or dining room table. Say nothing. Eventually, the much needed conversation will begin.

I had two great parents while growing up. I just wanted to talk to them about Weed. But that was the early 1980’s. Think, "Just Say No", so that was not going to happen.

Today we have opiate overdose reversal drugs, in free public vending machines. I can’t help but think the mistakes we have made as a country concerning cannabis in the 1970’s, has been the result of this.

Marijuana at times has clearly helped my personal battle with alcoholism.

This coming week I celebrate 15 years of continuous sobriety from alcohol and narcotics.

The story includes real life pets from The Joe Biden family, as well as pets Marlon Bundo, from the former family of Vice President Mike Pence. Also appearing are Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

Follow Cannabis The Cat Goes To Washington and learn more true history, about the United States of America. We are at a time like no other, when factual information is what is needed the very most. This story adds a touch of fun make believe, as Cannabis The Cat travels Washington DC helping his new friends Major and Champ on the lookout for runaway rabbit, Marlon Bundo.

This book is hardly designed for any specific age. The conversation about weed is so much needed, yet so rare. Even adults love the content. As so many adults are finally able to legally discover the true benefits from cannabis. Finally, we have a legal alternative to highly addictive narcotics, for pain and other ailments of the mind and body. It is increasingly difficult to not imagine what might have happened had we not criminalized marijuana in the early seventies. As we now arrive in 2022 we find public vending machines dispersing free opiate reversal drugs.

"Cannabis the Cat" Story Synopsis: Think Smokey the Bear, and Woodsy the Owl. If someone has a cannabis emergency, they dial 4-2-0 and Cannabis The Cat responds on a magic flying carpet made from the finest hemp plants, and saves the day. Remember, "You don’t have to use marijuana, to love Cannabis The Cat." is probably my favorite line in each of the books. Visit for more information and Amazon links to purchase books.

The author is a veteran of the United States Navy and served on board the U.S.S. Lexington, a World War 2 Aircraft Training Carrier, The Lady Lex. Later becoming a professional Municipal FireFighter from the 1990’s through the mid 2000’s in a small area in Indiana.

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